Bible Knowledge Basic 2 3rd Term











1.) Abraham means ___________
(a) father of many nation (b) brother of all nation (c) mother of all nation


2.) God guided Abraham to the promised land called ________
(a) Egypt (b) Canaan (c) Babylon


3.) ____________ loved Joseph more than all his brothers (a) Moses (b) Jacob (c) Matthew


4.) Who found baby Moses at the bank of River Nile
(a) Jairus daughter (b) Pharaohs daughter (c) Moses mother


5.) Sarah means _____________ (a) princess (b) queen (c) prophet


6.) Jacob had ____________ sons (a) ten (b) thirteen (c) twelve


7.) Who saved the people of Israelite (a) Moses (b) Pharaoh (c) Jacob


8.) How old was Abraham when God told him to live his country
(a) forty-five years (b) seventy-five years (c) ninety-five years


9.) ____________ baptized Jesus Christ (a) John the Baptist (b) Andrew (c) John


10.) How old was Sarai when God promised her a child
(a) forty years (b) ninety years (c) hundred years


11.) ____________ is the father of Isaac (a) Matthew (b) Samson (c) Abraham


12.) _______ made beautiful robe of many colours for Joseph (a) Pharaoh (b) Jacob (c) Samuel


13.) Esau and Jacob were ___________ (a) sisters (b) friends (c) twins


14.) _____________ is the mother of Esau and Jacob (a) Mary (b) Hannah (c) Rebecca


15.) ______ is one of the judges in Israel who fought for justice (a) Deborah (b) Isaac (c) Pharaoh


16.) Hannah gave birth to a child named ___________ (a) Samuel (b) John (c) Joshua


17.) Prayer means ___________ (a) crying to God (b) shouting to God (c) talking to God


18.) How old was Jesus when he started preaching the word of God (a) ten (b) fifteen (c) twelve


19.) To __________ means to make something out of nothing (a) build (b) create (c) give


20.) One the first day, God created the _________ and _________
(a) water and night (b) day and night (c) animal and sun


21.) Jesus turned water into ___________ (a) fruit (b) tea (c) wine


22.) Jesus raised Lazarus from dead after ___________ days (a) 15days (b) 2days (c) 4days


23.) Peter’s mother-in-law was sick of _____ (a) fever (b) body ache (c) stomach pain


24.) Jesus means ____________ (a) pastor (b) saviour (c) father


25.) We pray for all these except ________ (a) guidance (b) wisdom (c) disobedience


26.) Jesus choose how many disciples (a) twenty (b) fifteen (c) twelve


27.) _________ and _________ are disciples of Jesus Christ
(a) Peter and Andrew (b) Esau and Jacob (c) Hannah and Rebecca


28.) Jesus Christ was born in ________ (a) Judea (b) Bethlehem (c) Galilee


29.) Who asked Jesus to turn stones into bread (a) satan (b) Joseph (c) Angel


30.) Jesus raised ___________ daughter from death
(a) Peter’s daughter (b) Widow’s daughter (c) Jairus daughter



Section B
1.) What are the names of Jacob’s wives
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

b.) List four names of Jacob sons
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________ (d) ________________________________

2.) Why did God reject Saul? ______________________________________________________
b.) Moses means ________________________________________________________________

3.) Why was David made King? ____________________________________________________
b.) Write out three things we pray for
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________
(c) ________________________________

4.) List two people who Jesus raised from the dead
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

b.) Why was God with Joseph? ___________________________________________________

5.) What is prayer? _____________________________________________________________

b.) Mention two food Jesus used to feed the five thousand people
(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________



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