1.) Contamination of water means water that is ________

(a) good for drinking (b) not good for drinking (c) none of the above

2.) A dirty environment can cause ________ (a) sickness (b) enjoyment (c) good health

3.) Nigeria is my _______________ (a) city (b) country (c) star

4.) As a citizen of Nigeria we should always respect the flag (a) yes (b) no (c) I don’t know

5.) How many local government do we have in Lagos State (a) 15 (b) 21 (c) 20

6.) The capital of Lagos State is ______________ (a) Abuja (b) Ikeja (c) Kaduna

7.) How many colours has Nigeria flag (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4

8.) __________ and ____________ are place where many family work

(a) hospital and church (b) cities and town (c) government house and office

9.) _______________ is where we keep our money (a) cooler (b) bank (c) wrapper

10.) _______________ is the movement from one place to another

(a) transportation (b) community (c) neighbourhood

11.) ___________________ is the way of life (a) fun (b) culture (c) ceremony

12.) Market is a place where we ____________ and _____________

(a) school and food (b) buy and sell (c) fight and kill

13.) The money we spend in Nigeria are ____________ and _________

(a) Naira and Dollar (b) Naira and Kobo (c) Sterline and Dollar

14.) Who is the leader of our state (a) President (b) governor (c) army

15.) _________ share things together (a) family (b) church (c) enemy

16.) The quality of a good family is to __________

(a) love one another (b) hate one another (c) fight one another

17.) It is the duty of parent to give their children good education

(a) true (b) false (c) none of the above

18.) _______________ environment can cause sickness (a) clean (b) dirty (c) smooth

19.) My mother’s brother is my ______________ (a) uncle (b) daddy (c) neighbor

20.) How many types of family do we have (a) 3 (b) 2 (c) 4

21.) The Muslim use the ____________ (a) Bible (b) none of the above (c) Quran

22.) When we eat too much, we can vomit (a) true (b) false (c) I don’t know

23.) ______________ is the biggest city in Nigeria (a) Delta (b) Lagos (c) Ibadan

24.) _____________ is the head of the family (a) mother (b) father (c) sister

25.) ____________ should always help their parents at home (a) dog (b) children (c) plate

26.) The children of our uncles and aunties are called (a) cousin (b) aunts (c) nephew

27.) In the family ____________ takes care of the children (a) father (b) mother (c) uncle

28.) The Christian use the _________ (a) Bible (b) cowries (c) Quran

29.) The family that consist of the father, mother and children are called ______

(a) extended family (b) nuclear family (c) none of the above

30.) Eating _________________ keeps us healthy (a) good food (b) Pepsi (c) dirty food

Section B

1.) Mention the sources of water

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________

2.) Mention things we buy with money

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________

3.) Give examples of weather condition

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

(c) ________________________________

4.) Mention the money we spend in Nigeria

(a) ________________________________ (b) ________________________________

5.) __________________________ is a colourless liquid













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