1. Matter can broadly be classified into——–and ———–[a] monkey and birds [b] living things and non-living things [c] living things and man [d] non-living things and table.
  2. Examples of living things are the following except———–[a] bird [b] goat [c] grass [d] plastics
  3. All of the following can be compressed except———– [a] oxygen [b] hydrogen [c] carbon dioxide [d] water
  4. In which of the following is the kinetic energy of particles of matter is greatest? [a] gas [b] liquid [c] solid [d] stone
  5. The process whereby a substance in solid state changes directly to gaseous state is known as———— [a] freezing [b] sublimation [c] melting [d] cooling
  6. —————–is the site for photosynthesis in plants[a] cell wall [b] nucleus [c] chloroplast [d] ribosome
  7. ————– is an act of changing position of parts or the whole of an organism [a]Excretion [b] Irritability [c] movement [d] reproduction
  8. The organ that assist mammal to move is [a] leg [b] muscle [c] hand [d] bone
  9. ————— is the act of getting rid of waste product out of the body of living thing [a] respiration [b] irritability [c] excretion [d] reproduction
  10. Ability of plants to respond to stimuli is very slow because [a] they are too large [b] they have leaves [c] they do not have organs for movement [d] they have very thick bark.

11. ———- is the ability to respond to stimuli [a] Growth [b] Respiration [c]Irritability [d] Excretion

12. Animals are useful to human beings [a] False [b] True [c] All of the above [d] None of the above.

13. One example of the animals is ————- [a] mosquito [b] tomato [c] okro [d] pawpaw

14. Plants are used for the following except———- [a] shelter [b] medicine [c] food [d] transportation

15. Plants and animals can also be classified as [a] non-living things [b] living things [c] cow [d] leguminous

16. Which of the following is not a living thing?

a) Grass b) Grasshopper c) Earthworm d) Iron

17.. Copper is used to make electric wire because

a) it is a good conductor of electricity b) it is a non-metal c) it is shiny d) it is bristle

18. The following are example of non-metals except

a) carbon b) sulphur c) oxygen d) zinc

19. Example of non-living things that is part of living things is _____

a) coal b) stone c) gold d) silver

20 Movement from one place to another can only be exhibited by ____

a) non-living things b) metals c) non-metals d) living things

21. A person who is attracted to the other sex is labelled

A. heterosexual B. intersexual C.transsexuality D.affectional

22. A —– is a person whose sense of self is not consistent with his or her anatomical sex A. transsexual B. sexual orientation C. bisexual D. transsexuality

23. The term refers to a person’s erotic, romantic, or affectional attraction to the other sex, the same sex, or both. A. sexual orientation B. orientation C. lesbian

24. The term refers to the period of physical maturation. A. puberty B. bisexual C. awkwardness. D. transsexual

25. The term——– typically refers to the socially defined period during which a person adjusts to the physical, emotional, and social changes associated with the transition from childhood to adulthood. A. adolescence B. puberty C. aging D. transsexual

26. _______ is a state of well being of our actual body, mind and the way we feel about ourselves (a) Health (b) Family (c) Body (d) Relaxation

27 Poor hygiene causes ______ (a) Sound health (b) Sickness (c) Sharp and clear eyes (d) Wealth

28 Advantages of personal hygiene include the following except ______ (a) Looking attractive (b) ability to save more money (c) looking beautiful (d) looking untidy

29 _______ improves the health of the family (a) Exercise (b) Bad habit (c) Dirty environment (d) sickness

30 Which of the following might result from poor hygiene of the teeth (a) toothache (b) tooth decay (c) extracting the bad teeth (d) all of the above

31. Causes of drug abuse include the following except

a) Curiosity b) lack of self-confidence c) search for excitement d) cocaine

32. Marijuana is grown purposely for its

a) Addictive b) fibre and seed c) stimulant d) effects on brain and liver

33. One of these is a source of drug

a) drug b) abuse c) curiosity d) opium

34. The Indian hemp is a plant grown as a —- and of seed rich in oil.

a) fibre b) opium c) seed d) All of the above

35. Drug abuse can lead to the following except

a) Problems at home b) Suicides c) Violence d) Sound health


1. Give five side effects of drug

2. Give five sources of drugs with brief explanation

3. State four causes of drug abuse


1 Explain personal hygiene.

2 State three advantages and three disadvantages of hygiene.


1. Write five differences between metal and non-metals

2. Name five metals and five non – metals

3. Write four uses of metals and four used of non-metals

4. Give two properties each of metals and non-metals.


  1. Give four examples of
  2. plant
  3. animals

2a) briefly explain seven characteristics of living things.

b) State two uses of plant and two uses of animals.


  1. State eight differences between plants and animals.
  2. Mention two examples of animals that can

a) give birth to young one alive.

b) lay eggs before hatch them to produce young one.


  1. In a tabular form, give four differences between solid, liquid and gaseous substances.
  2. Write briefly on atom, molecules and ions.