1. _______ is defined as the moral principles and standards which guide human actions. A. Watchdog B. Values C. Family D. Culture
  2. There are ____ levels of the manifestation of values A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5
  3. There are factors that promote value system except______ A. integrity B. tolerance C. chaos D. consistency
  4. The following are types of values except _____. A. Self control B. arson C. honesty D. loyalty
  5. _______ is the belief that somebody or something is good or sincere. A. Consistency B. Trust C. Honesty D. Courage
  6. A benefit of honesty that makes a man to rise from grass to grace is ______ A. honour B. promotion C. hard work D. favour
  7. The act of communicating and acting truthfully is _______.A. diligence B. peace C. honesty D. honour
  8. ______ is a lifestyle that makes people to be relied upon at all times  A. Godliness B. Reliability C. Promptness D. Diligence
  9. ___is an attribute of honesty that enables individual to reveal the truth without fear or favour. A. Honesty B. Self-control C. Courage D. Respect
  10. ___ makes people to report themselves to higher authority when they have done wrong. A. Trust B. Watchdog C. Godliness D. Loyalty
  11. _______ is the opposite of honesty. A. Orderliness B. Dishonesty C. Progress D. Integrity
  12. _____ is the act of taking a person’s valuables from him by force with the help of guns. A. Armed robbery B. Perjuring C. Thuggery D. Arson
  13. Setting houses on fire intentionally and unlawfully is ______. A. chaos B. emergency C. arson D. divorce
  14. A person that cheats his fellow human is known as a _______. A. cheat B. cheater C. cheatest D. patriot
  15. A broken home often produces _____ children. A. promising B. cherished C. delinquent D. decent
  16. _______ is the emotional attachment a person has for a group of persons. A. Friendship B. Hatred C. Caring D. Focus
  17. When people work together economically and politically, there will be ____. A. transgression B. confusion C. progress D. riots
  18. 17. A broom sweeps better as a bunch and not as a separate entity shows _____. A. equality B. team spirit C. brooms D. co-operation
  19. ______is the ability to reason with the view of an opponent. A. Observation B. Discipline B. Tolerance D. Honesty
  20. ______ is the act of working together to achieve a common goal. A. Promotion B. Sharing C. Co-operation D. Tolerance
  21. _____ is the act of being financially independent. A. Self-indulgence B. Self-control C. Self-reliant D. Moderation
  22. By employing people, a business man is making sure that _____ decreases. A. employment B. labour C. unemployment D. wealth
  23. To be self reliant is most beneficial to _______. A. individual B. state C. nation D. family
  24. These are attributes of a self-reliant person except _____ A. diligence B. non-challant  C. use of initiative D. use of skills
  25. Self-reliance of people enables the government to get _____ from people. A. policies B. tax C. industries
  26. These are ways of developing one’s skills except ________. A. teaching others B. go for training C. lukewarmness. D. constant practice
  27. _______ ability is when you are endowed by God. A. Reading books B. Natural ability C. Consistency D. Ventures
  28. The following are effects of undeveloped skills in the society except ______. A. prostitution B. armed robbery C. arson D. stability
  29. Friends, teachers and parents are under _____ A. reading of books B. natural abilities C. asking people D. academic abilities
  30. These are effects of undeveloped skills to an individual except_____.a. he becomes a liability to the society b. it leads to frustration c. it leads to stability d. it leads to poverty
  31. All these are crimes except—–A]Falsehood B] Murder C]Hones D]Embezzlement
  32. A statement known to be untrue and intended to deceive people is —– 2. A]Falsehood B]Rape C]Murder D]Poverty
  33. . These are the causes of crimes in the society except———-A]Discipline B]Poverty C] Unemployment D] Bad value system
  34.  Crime can be defined as ————A] An offence committed by a person for breaking the rules B]Developing the country C]Natural talent D] Ability to tell the truth
  35. The taking of another person’s propertywithout permissionis —- A]Theft B] Disobey C] Falsehood D]obedience
  36. __________ refers to the article of the Nigerian criminal code dealing with fraud (a) The number ‘419’ (B) The number 619 (C) The number 417 (D) The number 819
  37. _______ is the act of stealing government money (a) Prostitute B. Embezzlement C. Cheating D. Robbery
  38. The food that is unfit for human consumption is ____________(a) Clean food B. Well prepared food C. Contaminated food D. Good food
  39. These are the causes of advance fee fraud (‘419’) except __________(a) Poverty B. Unemployment C. Influence of bad group D. School Training
  40. When food is not medically and hygienically fit for human consumption, such act is a ________ (a) Criminal act B. Poverty C. Shelter D.Societal act
  41. The term rape is sometimes used interchangeably with the term ______________ A Love B Sexual assault C Indiscipline D. Failure
  42. One of the effect of rape is _____ A. Prevention B. Employment C. Fear D. psychological effect
  43. ___________ occurs when one human being unlawfully kills another human being A. Rape B. Murder C. Malice D. Killing
  44. One of these is not the cause of crime A. Contentment B. Unemployment C. Indiscipline D. Poverty
  45. A woman that is not contented can engage in ___________ A. Hawking B. Stealing C. Terrorism D.Jeveline


  1.  Define the term ‘rape’
  2.  List 5 causes and effects of rape and Murder


  1. List four country that records the highest incidence of fraud.
  2. List and explain solution of crime in the nation.


  1. Explain the following crimes:
  2. .Falsehood and theft . Murder
  3.  Mention and explain five reasons for falsehood and Theft.


  1. 1. Mention four effects of undeveloped skill on the family.
  2. 2. Explain briefly the processes of discovering your talents


  1. 1. Mention two benefits of self-reliance.
  2. 2. Explain three attributes of self-reliance.


  1. 1. Explain briefly on two benefits of co-operation.
  2. 2. Mention three attributes of co-operation.


  1. 1. What is dishonesty?
  2. 2. Mention four consequences of dishonesty.


  1. 1. Mention the benefits of honesty.
  2. 2. Write short notes on the following:
  3. a. Favour
  4. b. Honour


  1. 1. Mention three importance of values in the society
  2. 2. Mention two factors that promote the value system.