Letter Work Nursery Two





Subject : Letter Work


Class: Nursery Two


Name Of Pupil : ___________________________________________________


Date : ____________________________________________________________

Answer all questions

Part A.

1. What is a verb? ________________________________________________________________________


2. Write two examples of verbs words.

a) ______________________________________

a) ______________________________________

3. Homophones are words that sound the ____________ but have different meaning

and different ____________________.

4. Write two Homophone words and draw the picture of the words that you write

a) _____________________________________ and. ________________________________

b) _____________________________________ and. ______________________________________

5. What part of speech does the relationship between the box and the cat show

. A _______________________________.

Words Opposites
bad. __________________


7. Use ‘a’ or ‘an’ for the following words.

_____________ book.

_____________ apple.

8. Draw a cat and write composition about it.

A cat _________________________________________________________________






Part B

Answer all the questions.


Grandpa Visiting.

Mr Tom lives in Jos with his family. He has three sons and a pretty wife.

One day Mr Tom had a. call from his dad who lives in Lagos, that he is

coming to Jos to visit him and his family. His sons were happy for they.are

going to see their grandpa for the very first time.

1. ________ lives in Jos with his family. (a) Mr Tom (b) Grandpa (c) Jerry

2. Mr Tom’s wife is _________ (a) ugly (b) pretty (c) potty.

3. Who was coming to visit Mr Tom family (a) Grandpa (b) Grandma (c) Sister.

4. How many sons does Mr Tom have. (a) He has two sons (b) He has three sons

(c) He has six.

5. _______ is a word used in place of a noun (a) Pronoun (b) Present (c) plan

6. My mum is a ________ (a) woman (b) male (c) man

7. A baby boy is called _______ (a) sun (b) daughter (c) son

8. It is _____ axe (a) a (b) an (c) is

9. This is _____ ball (a) it (b) st (c) a

Circle the homophones words.

10. (a peal and peel (b) seat and sat (c) go and to.

11. (a) son and sun (b) mark and max (c) tip and pat.

12. (a) mail and male (b) mend and treat (c) gone and came

Underline the plural of these words.

13. One book, four _____ (a) bookes (b) books (c) booklet

14. Two red apples and five green ________ (a) apple (b) apples (c) appleses.

15. The opposite of sit is ______ (a) stand (b) sat (c) song.

16. Mum _______ home late yesterday (a) it (b) came (c) soft.

17. The cat ran _______ the rat. (a) after (b)it (c)is

18. My books are well _______ on my reading table (a) sat (b) arranged (c) sleep.

19. Emily and Praise ______ playing in the rain (a) is (b) are (c) for

20. I am a ____________ (a) boy (B) girl (c) ntthing

21. A baby girl is called a _________ (a) slave (b) daughter (c) skin

22. My name is ___________________________________________________

Match the pictures to their right names.

23. spoon. 24. table. 25. House


Underline the right option for each word.

26. _________ oe. ( bh, sh )

27. b __________ k. ( oo, Ii )


28. ____________________________________________

29. _____________________________________________

30. _____________________________________________