Basic Science Nursery Two

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Subject : Basic Science


Class: Nursery Two


Name Of Pupil : ___________________________________________________


Date : ____________________________________________________________


Answer all the questions.

Part A

1. Wild animals live in the ______ (a} forest (b) fire. . (cl flame

2. Animals are living things. (True / False)

3. We use some animals for transportation {Yes / No)

4. We have _______. planets. (a) 4 (b) 7 (c) 8

5. Wild animals are dangerous. ( Yes / No)

6. We can use water for sport (Yes. /No)

7. Sources of water means where we get water from (True /False)

8. We can get _______ from cow. (a) croud. (b) milk (c) link

9. The _________ is surface on which we live on. (a) earth (b) ear (c) can

10. Man can move on earth. (True./. False)

11. A baby fish is call (a) fingerling (b) fighter (c) flesh

12. Baby goat is a ____________(a) key (b) kid (c) kettle

13. A lion roar ( True / False)

14. Air is ___________gift from GOD (a) natural ( b) stone (c) under

15. Air helps to dry up our clothes (Yes / No)

16. Air is a mixture of ________ and ________ gases (a) nitrogen and oxygen

{a) Nigel and oxord (cl nice oxword.

17. The _________ helps our plants to grow (a) sot (b) sin ( c) sun

18. The air helps our kites to (True / False)

19. Balance diet contain all the classes of foods. (True /. False)

20. Those who eat foods from plants only are called ______ (a) vert. (b) vegetarian (c) ves

21. We use air to fly our kite. ( True. / False)

22. We use the ______ of plants to plant some crops (a) seeds (b) sell (c) sand

23. Air that moves gently is known as _______ (a) breeze (b) tempest (c) stoem

24. We eat foods to grow (Yes / No)

25. We have ______ types of teeth. (a) 6. (b) 4. (c) 5

26. Molars teeth are used to grind foods. ( True /. False)

27. One of the animals found in the wild is _____ (a) rat (b) snake (c) goat

28. Mixture of colour blue and colour red will give colour ________ (a) yellow (b) purple (c) green

29. Colours make the world _______ (a) urgly (b) beautiful (c) brown.

30. We can make perfume from _________ (a) flowers (b) wind (c) cut

Section B.

1. Air is a mixture. of ___________________ and ___________________ gasses.

2. Water is a liquid that has no ______________, _______________ and no ______________

3. Draw a tree and label parts of the tree.

4.. Write three sources of water

(I) _____________________ (Ii) ____________________________ (iii) _________________________

5. Write two animals we can use for transportation. (I) ________________ (Ii) __________________


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