1.C.P.U is the ________ of the computer (a) Chest (b) Brain (c) Stomach

2.______ control most of the activities of the computer (a) Monitor (b) C.P.U (c0 keyboard

3.We have different types of disk drive (a) Yes (b) No (c) Not sure

4._____ have the ability to read from and write to the disk (a) Cable (b) Keyboard (c) Disk drive

5.Don’t bring ________ object close to CDs (a) Sharp (b) Soft (c) Dull

6._____ is one of the components of the system unit (a) U.P.S (b) C.P.U (c) V.D.U

7. The _______is part of the component of the system unit (a) Hardware (b) software (c) steer drive

8. Diskettes or CD’s should be insert _____into the drive (a) correctly (b) roughly

9. Diskettes or CD’s should not be ____into the drive (a) inserted (b) stoled (c) forced

10. We should keep ___away from the discs (a) mouse (b) drive (c) magnets

11. ______________ is used for typing

(a) Keyboard

(b) Mouse

(c) Printer


12. ___________ is used to move the cursor on the screen of the computer

(a) Mouse

(b) Keyboard

(c) Diskette


13. Input means ___________

(a) Entering data into a computer

(b) Taking data from a computer

(c) Accessing a software in a computer


14. Keyboard can be used to play computer games (true/ false)


15. A keyboard has the following sets of keys except______

(a) Drive key

(b) Alphabetical keys

(c) Numerical Keys


16. We cannot operate a compute without monitor (true/ false)


17. A printer can print document in different colours (true / false)


18. A printer is used for _____

(a) Typing

(b) Writing

(c) Printing


19. _______ helps to see mistakes as you type

(a) Monitor

(b) Printer

(c) Keyboard


20. Keyboard is an example of input devices ( true/ false)

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