1. Every child has the right to education

(a) True (b) False

2. Co – operation help to achieve desired goals

(a) True (b) false

3. Patriotism is the love of your country and how to defend it (a) true (b) false

4. Obeying rules and regulations bring good ___________________

(a) food (b) money (c) reward

5. Is it good to be an obedient child

(a) True (B false

6. People who disobey rules and regulations are rejected by loved ones

(a) True (b) false

7. People who disobeyed rules and regulation are

(a) Punished (b) Praises

8. School rules and regulations help to build good behaviours

(a) True (b) False

9. We must not fight in school

(a) yes (b) No

10. It is normal to come late to school

(a) yes (b) No

11. We must disobey our teachers

(a) true (b) False

12. Taking what does not belongs to us is a sin

(a) true (b) false

13. We must always do our home work

(a) True (b) false

14. Failure to obey government rules and regulations may result to ____________

(a) Scholarship (b) Imprisonment (c) Money

15. People who disobey government rules and regulation may be asked to _________

(a) Pay fines (b)dance (c) fight

16. It is good to obey government rules and regulations

(a) True (b) False

17. An obedient child will always obey rules and regulation

(a) True (b) False

18. Obedience is a good habit

(a)True (b) false

19. We must be obedient at school

(a) True (b) false

20. It is good to argue with our parents

(a) true (b)false


1. who are the five kinds of people you should respect

2. What is drug abuse


























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