Colour of Coal Nur 2 Exam Civic Education





  1. What is the colour of charcoal

(a) Green            (b) Black


  1. What is the colour of a leaf

(a) Green            (b) white

  1. Responsibility means what ______

(a) You have to do what you should not do (b) you have to do what you should do

  1. Children should ________________

(a)  Fight             (b) Run errand

  1. Children should _______ their parent

(a) Kill                  (b) Help

  1. A ___________ is where we live

(a) home             (b) sweep

  1. To keep your house clean _______________ the floor

(a)break               (b)sweep

  1. A school is a place where children ____________

(a( Fight              (b) learn and write

  1. A child should not make noise at school

Yes / No

  1. ___________ your desk and benches

(a) Break             (b) dust

  1. Religious places are for ___________

(a) Farming        (b) worshiping

  1. Always help your parents

Yes / No

  1. Broom is used for _______

(a) Bathing               (b)sweeping

  1. ________ grasses in the school compound

(a) leave              (b) cut

  1. Gather dirt with ___________

(a) Uniform        (b) Rake

  1. Green white green is the colour of _________ flag

(a)Nigerian         (b) America

  1. Is it good to come late to school

(a) Yes   (b) N0

18.We should always be well arranged

(a) yes   (b) No

  1. Religious place should be well arranged

Yes / No

  1. You can play with Quran and Bible

(yes / No



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