1. You should pick up and ___dangerous objects on the playground (a) Swallow (b) Dispose (c) Keep

2. You must be ____on the playground (a) alert (b) slow (c) careless

3. You should always avoid_____(a) eating (b) drinking (c) pushing

4. You must avoid ___play (a) rough (b) good (c) neat

5. Use _____As support on playground (a) stones (b) partners (c) soils

6. First aid provide relief from ______(a) success (b) pain (c) huck

7. You should always _____ your hair (a) burn (b) comb (c) rough

8. You should take your bath every ____(a( week (b) month (c) day

9. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, it will get ___(a) decay (b) fresh (c) clean

10. If you take proper care of your body, you will look _____(a) dirty (b) healthy (c) dull


Underline the harmful insect

1. Bee Spider housefly

1. Termite Ant earthworm

2. Dead animal must be __________

(a) Stored (b) buried (c) kept

3. Animal waste are ___________for the plant

(a) Bad (b) good

4. We must always __________our food

(a) Open (b) toy (c) cover

5. We must not eat ___________ food

(a) Good (b) contaminated (c) clean

6. Dirty environment can cause __________

(a) Good health (b) wellness (c) germs

7. Burning and _______are the methods of disposing of refuse

(a) Lightening (b) eating (c) recycling

8. We can use insecticide to control ____________

(a) Colour (b) pest (c) reptiles

9. Dead animals odour are ___________

(a) Dangerous (b) good (c) food

[11] Brushing our teeth makes us have ………….[a] mouth odour [b] tooth decay [c] strong and clean teeth

[12] ……….. is used for cutting our nails [a] knife [b] saw [c] blade [d] nail cutter

[13] A better of cleanliness is good health……… [ YES/NO]

[14] Taken our bath regularly makes us have rashes [[YES\NO]

[15] Body odour is caused by…………….. [a] bathing regularly [b] eating balance diet [c] not bathing thoroughly

[16] Getting rid of dirty from our body is.. [a] cleanliness [b] jogging [c] dieting

[17] Treatment given to an accident victim before taken him to the hospital is called [a] first treatment [b] first aid [c] false aid

[18] First aid gives first treatment to the victims YES/NO]

[19] Is it good to give first aid [ YES/NO]

[20] Calculator can be used for arithmetic [YES/NO].

Section b

1. List two items that must be inside the first aid box

2. Why must we take our bath everyday?






























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