The Nok culture The People

Class :

JSS 1 / Basic 7


Subject :


Topic :

The Nok culture


The People

Term :

Second term


Week :

Week 2


Instructional Materials :


Reference Book(s)

Previous Knowledge :

The pupils have been taught

Behavioural Objectives :  By the end of the lesson or during the course of learning , the learners will be able to

  • explain the NOK culture
  • narrate how the people that created NOK art lived and interacted with each other
  • sat the various functions of the NOK people

Entry Behaviour

  • Learners are familiar with carved objects , images and statues

Content :

THE PEOPLE;The people of NOK are Nigerians found between Niger and Kaduna rivers in the north central geopolitical zone of Nigeria.

according to historical evidence,Nok people were very skillful in iron work and this is proved by complex iron tools produced by them.The site of this evidence is in Taruga which is located in the present day federal territory Abuja.

Besides ,they were also great sculptors,the NOK people had the oldest sculpture[ terracotta i.e baked clay] in Nigeria and the entire black Africa.

From various findings pertaining to NOK culture,the prominent occupations were;

IRON AND TIN MINING; It could be seen that the people were involved in the processing of iron and tin mining which they smelted for the production of tools and implements for domestic uses

IRON AND TIN SMELTING; NOK people were producers of objects such as bracelets,ornaments,necklaces,tools made from iron etc

FARMING; Apart from the above activities,Nok people were also farmers producing both food and cash crops such as millet,guinea corn etc,they also grew fruits.




The topic is presented step by step

And if it’s a new topic, introduce it by linking it to a related topics previously learnt or familiar with the learners.

Step 1:

The class teacher revises the previous lesson


Step 2.

He or she  introduces the new lesson


Step 3:

The class teacher allows the pupils to give their own examples and he corrects them when the needs arise


Evaluation :


  • Mention at least three occupation of the NOK people
  • Where are the NOK people are located

Conclusion :

The teacher wraps up the lesson by giving out  a short summary of the lesson as a chalkboard note . He or she goes round to mark and he or she does the necessary corrections




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