Subject :


Topic :


Class :








  • Wall Chart
  • Explanatory posters/pictures


Instructional Materials :

  • Lagos State Scheme of Work.
  • Online Materials.



Previous Knowledge :


Students have previous knowledge of


that was taught in the previous lesson

Behavioural Objectives :  At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to

  • Explain fainting
  • Say the necessary help or first aid that can be given to someone that faints


Content :



Fainting is a situation where someone suddenly loses consciousness over a short period of time,it is called syncope in medicine.

collapse on the other hand is a sudden fall in someones posture which may not be followed by loss of consciousness,

Merriam-Webster online dictionary describes collapse as the breaking down in vital energy,stamina or self control through exhaustion or disease.

Cause of Fainting                 

low ventilation

fear or panic

standing for too long

low blood circulation

extreme exercise

Prevention of Fainting 

The following are suggested ways of preventing fainting;

drink water regularly

increase your salt intake

Do exercises regularly [particularly walking]

Avoid standing on queue for a long time

Avoid lifting heavy objects

Always stay in well ventilated rooms,

Avoid extreme exercise,

Responding to fainting/collapse;

let the person lie on his back

check the airway to ensure it is clear

Treat bumps, bruises or wound if the person has any in the course of falling

Loosen tight clothing if there is any

Elevate the person’s leg to restore blood flow to the brain

shake the person vigorously to revive him/her




The topic is presented step by step


Step 1:

The class teacher revises the previous topics


Step 2.

He introduces the new topic


Step 3:

The class teacher allows the pupils to give their own examples and he corrects them when the needs arise


Evaluation :

  • Explain the word “FAINTING”
  • State three ways of responding to emergency situations in schools
  • List three causes of riot
  • state two ways of responding to emergency situations at home.


Conclusion :


The teacher summarize the lesson. He or she gives out a board summary of the topic as note . He or she goes round to mark and does the necessary corrections




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