Examination CRS JSS 1 3rd Term Week 11


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1. God appeared to Moses on mount ____ (a) Everest (b) Horeb (c) Kilimanjaro

(c) Carmel

2. Moses was asked to put off his shoes because the ground is ____ (a) Beautiful

(b) Holy (c) Slippery (d) Water logged

3. Moses complained that he is not ____ (a) eloquent in speech (b) Fluent in speech

(c) Brilliant in speech (d) Good in speech

4. ____ is to be the interpreter for Moses (a) Aaron (b) Miriam (c) Jacob (d) Zipporah

5. God promised to take the children of Israel to the land of ____ (a) Canaan

(b) Haran (c) Jericho (d) Galilee

6. How old was Moses when God called him (a) 40 (b) 80 (c) 120 (d) 100

7. ____ is described as the mountain of God (a) Sinai (b) Haran (c) Carmel (d) Everest

8. The Israelites were in bondage for ____ years (a) 4000 (b) 40 (c) 430 (d) 100

9. ____ was the prophetess that mobilized the woman to praise God after their freedom

(a) Deborah (b) Miriam (c) Esther (d) Ruth

10. ____ is the spokesman of Moses (a) Aaron (b) Joshua (c) Elijah (d) Joseph.

11. All the souls who left Canaan for Egypt were __ in number (a) 70 (b) 50 (c) 60 (d) 80

12. Shiprah and Puah were the Hebrew ____ (a) Stewards (b) Midwives (c) Slaves

(d) Mothers

13. Moses was from the tribe of ____ (a) Judah (b) Levis (c) Benjamin (d) Moab

14. The name of the father of Moses is ___ (a) Jacob (b) Amiran (c) Jerusalem (d) Jethro

15. ____ is the name of Moses mother (a) Miriam (b) Rachel (c) Jochebed


16. ____ was the woman judge and prophetess (a) Ruth (b) Esther (c) Deborah

(d) Naomi

17. ____was the wife of Lappidoth (a) Miriam (b) Esther (c) Deborah (d) Mary

18. ____ was slain in Herbr’s tent (a) Sisera (b) Joshua (c) Jabin (d) Barak

19. ____ was the woman who killed Sisera in her husband’s house (a) Jael (b) Esther

(c) Ruth (d) Naomi

20. ____was the captain of whose host was Sisera (a) Barak (b) Jabin (c) Deborah

(d) Heber


Part B



  1. Discuss the challenges of leaders in Nigeria.
  2. How can a christian become a leader in the society.
  3. What are the differences between good and bad leaders?
  4. Highlight the potentials of the followers when the leaders are bad.
  5. How can we prepare for future?
  6. What are the qualities of a good leader?
  7. What is fundamental human right?
  8. How did the world come about fundamental human right?
  9. State five fundamental human rights.
  10. What are the roles of Christians in the community?
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