Jesus sent forth his twelve disciples two by two C.R.K. J.S.S. 2 3RD TERM EXAMINATION


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INSTRUCTION: Fill in the gaps

1. _________sent forth his twelve disciples two by two

a. Pharaoh b. Paul c. Jesus Christ

2. ________ are called fishers or men a. churches b. securities

c. missions d. disciples

3. ___________called the disciples and gave them power over unclean

Spirit a.God b.Jesus c. Holy Spirit d. leader

4. _________is problem to face when embarking on Christian mission

a. traditional religion b. Christian c. Wears d. Electricity

5. Church in Nigeria organize these except ———————

a. crusade b. revival c. vigil d. Virgin

6. The disciple performed ____________ of healing

a. miracle b. messenger c. mirror d. message

7. The two Apostles that followed Jesus Christ before other are __________

and ____________ a. Peter and Andrew b. Jacob and Gabriel

8. R.C.M. means __________________________________________

a. Radians Catholic Ministry b. Roman Catholic Mission

c. Radiant Catholic Ministry

9. Satan was a _________falling from heaven a. Sky b. Moon c. lightening

d. break through

10. Christian should demonstrate their unity through ___________

a. beating b. shouting c. giving d. fighting

11. And Jesus said to him, my house shall be called a house of ________

a. player b. prayer c. dance

12. The ________is the final mean that in the Gospel accounts, Jesus cleared with his apostle before his crucifixion a. last super

b. forgiveness c. church d. evangelism

13. The last super took place in ___________ a. Jerusalem b. Italy

c. India d. Rwanda

14. Jesus betrayed identified him to the Roman soldier with a ____________

a. kick b. slap c. hug d. kiss

15. _________was forced to carry the cross for Jesus Christ a. Simon

b. Mathew c. Mather d. John

16. How many thieves were crucified with Jesus a. four b five c. three d. two

17. The people that were crucified with Christ, how many were saved?

a. 6 b. 1 c. 4 D. 7

18. After his death the body of Christ was placed in a ________ tomb

a. public b. general c. private d. regular

19. The name of Jesus disciple who betrayed him is _________________

a. Jonah b. Judas Iscariot c. Moses d. Sarah

20. Jesus appeared to the disciple to ______________

a. Scare them from evil work

b. Reveal the great commission

c. Tel them that is strong

d. Strengthen and assure them that he was alive forever more.


1. Narrate the story of Jesus burial

2. List two (2) Disciples of Christ that were present during the arrest

3. State any three of the Ten Commandments

4. Who deny Jesus Christ? Explain

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