The son of Elkanah





CLASS: PRIMARY 4                                






1.)   ___________ is the son of Elkanah (a) Jonah (b) David (c) Samuel (d) Moses


2.)   As children of God, we are to ___________ (a) Love (b) hate (c) fight (d) beat


3.)   God speaks to us in many ways except __________ (a) dreams                   (b) prophets (c) His word (Bible) (d) stone


4.)   How many times did God called Samuel? (a) 10 9b) 6 (c) 3 (d) 4


5.)   Jesus died on the cross because of our _________ (a) food (b) cloth (c) sins (d) love


6.)   __________ was the high priest in Shiloh (a) Abraham (b) Peter              (c) Eli (d) Elijah


7.)   One of the reasons God speaks to us is ______________ (a) to give us food (b) to instruct us (c) to beat us (d) to take us by hand


8.)   The right attitude to show when God speaks to us is ______________ (a) to be shouting (b) to listen attentively (c) to be crying (d) to be fighting him


9.)   We show love to our father by helping him in the following except                         (a) at work (b) on the farm (c) by running errands (d) by fighting him


10.)                     We show love to our brothers and sisters by the following except ___________ (a) playing together (b) reading books with them (c) playing ,;games with them (d) abusing or quarreling with them


11.)                     The following are the advantages of living in peace with others except ___________ (a) it brings about progress (b) it brings unity                          (c) it brings joy (d) it brings shame and disgrace


12.)                     For us to be called children of God, we must believe in ________________ (a) satan (b) prophets (c) Jesus (d) brother


13.)                     God fulfilled His promise to Abraham because_____________ (a) he disobeyed Him (b) he fought Him (c) he obeyed Him                  (d) he shouted at Him


14.)                     God reveals Himself to us so that we can __________________ (a) fight with him (b) have a good relationship with him (c) eat with him (d) play with him


15.)                     The evidence of new life in Christ are the following except ____________ (a) love (b) peace (c) patience (d) fighting


16.)                     We show love to our mother by helping with ____________             a) field chores (b) street chores (c) bed chores (d) house hold chores


17.)                     The purpose of God’s call to his people are the following except _____________ (a) He calls us to obey him (b) He calls us to serve him (c) He calls us to repentance (d) He calls us to hate him


18.)                     Ways through which God calls us are the following except ______________ (a) through dream (b) through vision (c) through revelation (d) through gossiping


19.)                     Our father, who at in heaven is ____________  (a) prayer to sango (b) prayer to our mother (c) prayer to our uncle (d) prayer to our heavenly god.


20.)                     A true child of God fellowship or worship with his / her brethren means (a) fellowship or worship with his/ her friends in beer parlour (b) with his/ her childhood friends alone (c) fellowship with his/ her people of the same church or denomination  



Section B: Theory


1.)  Identify two ways in whuch God speaks to us.



2.)  State five attitude of children of the same father



3.)  Mention four purpose of God’s call.



4.)  State five advantages of living in peace with others




5.)  Identify five attitude to show when God calls us.   


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