CLASS: PRIMARY 3                                  



Instruction: Answer all questions.

1.)   ____________ is a group of people that are related by blood                     (a) brother (b) family (c) uncle (d) aunt

2.)   We have ________________  and ________________ types of family (a) Nuclear and extended (b) polygamy and monogamy                     (c) traditional and religion (d) none of the above

3.)   ____________ is the way of life of people (a) Tradition (b) Culture (c) Wedding (d) Family

4.)   All these are aspects of culture except ___________ (a) food (b) dress (c) .dance (d) school

5.)   __________ is the union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife (a) Marriage (b) Religion (c) Food (d) Greeting 6.)   We have ________ types of marriage (a) 4 (b)

6 (c) 2 (d) 3

7.)   Polygamy marriage means __________ (a) A man marries more than one wife (b) A man marries only one wife (c) A man marries another man (d) All of the above

8.)   Monogamy marriage means _______________ (a) A man marries only one wife (b) A man marries more than one wife (c) A man marries himself (d) All of the above

9.)   ____________ is a group of people living together in the same area (a) Community (b) Culture (c) Family (d) Father

10.)                     ___________ is a person who belongs to a community, State or Country (a) Culture (b) Citizen (c) Family (d) Religion

11.)                     All are qualities of good citizens except __________                      (a) Honesty (b) Respect (c) fairness (d) stealing

12.)                     All are duties of a good citizen except ____________                    (a) keeping the community clean (b) obeying rules and laws of the community (c) paying taxes (d) disobedient

13.)                      __________ are rules that guide and instruct people on how to live in their community (a) Law  (b) Religion (c) Culture (d) Family

14.)                     ___________ is the arms of government that makes law                     (a) Judiciary (b) Executive (c) Legislature (d) All of the above

15.)                     ___________ punish offenders of the law (a) police (b) Army (c) Father (d) Mother

16.)                     ___________ is the head of the family (a) Mother (b) Father    (c) Sister (d) Uncle

17.)                     ___________ does all domestic work at home (a) father               (b) Mother (c) Sister (d) Uncle

18.)                     A good citizen must pay his tax to the government (a) True              (b) False (c) none (d) All of the above

19.)                     Children must obey elders in the family (a) True (b) False                (c) none (d) All of the above

20.)                     Greeting is one of the aspects of culture (a) True (b) False               (c) None (d) All of the above  

Section B: Theory

1a.) What is family?



1b.) List the two types of family you know.

i. ___________________________ 

ii. _____________________________


2a.) What is Marriage?


2b.) List the three types of Marriage you know.


3a.) What is culture?


3b.) List four aspects of culture you know.




ii. ____________________________





4a.) What is citizenship?



4b.) List two qualities of a good citizen. 

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