Exam Questions Second Term SS 1 Agricultural Science

CLASS: S S 1 SUBJECT: Agricultural


1. ___________are simple handy tools used mainly by peasant farmers

a. Hoe b. Garden fork c. Shovel d.Farm tools

2. All of the following required power except a. stumping

b. land preparation c. storage d. Incubating

3. ________is the type of power derived from same animals which are used to perform certain farm operations

a. Animal power b.human power c.solar power d. mechanical power

4. _________is the application of engineering principle and technology in agricultural production storage and processing on the farm

a. Land preparation b. Farm mechanization c. planting d. fertilizers

5. Animals which possess only one stomach and they do not tuminate

are called

a. Ruminant animals b. monogastic c. terrestrial animals

d. Aquatic animals

6. Farm animals which possess four stomach components (complex stomach) are a. polygastic animals b. Monogastic animals

c. Aquatic animals d. Terrestrial animals

7. The act in which the penis of the male is inserted into the vagina of

The female is leading to the ejaculation of spermatozoa ________

a. Gestation period b. ovulation c. fertilization d. mating

8. The effect of the environmental on the growth and performance of farm animals is called a. temperature b. climatic condition

c. environmental physiology d. humidity

9. _________refers to group of birds raised for food and other purposes

a. poultry b. turkey c. guinea fow d. duck

10. ___________is the rearing of animals and birds in a farm

a. ecology b. livestock management c. morphology d. botany

11.Soil texture is described as the…………[a]distribution of the different sizes of soil particles[b]arrangement of soil particles in a soil sample[c]rate at which water moves through soil[d]degree to which air spaces aerate the soil[e]none of the above

12.Problem associated with land tenure through inheritance will be the following except[a]right of individual to free use and control of inherited land[b]small land holdings for family members[c]hatred among family members arising from land sharing[d]individual being restricted to their plot[e]none of the above

13.Which of the following factors influence agricultural productions is a botic factor[a]parasite[b]soil ph[c]topography[d]soil texture[e]temperature

14.The type of energy obtained from the sun for agricultural uses is known as [a]kinetic energy[b]solar energy[c]nuclear energy [d]potential energy [e]none of the above

15.A small plot of land where intensive cultivation is practiced to produce vegetable is known as …[a]a garden [b]a pasture[c]an orchard[d]a plantation[e]a nursery

16.which of the following is not classified as forage grass[a]stylo[b]giant star[c]guinea grass[d]elephant grass[e]camba grass

17.Reduction of ten seedlings of pawpaw to two per stand is referred to as [a]thinning[b]pruning[c]uprooting[d]weeding[e]spacing

18.Crops grown primarily for feeding of animal is known as ..[a]forage[b]vegetables[c]cereal[d]legumes[e]dhrub

19.Fingerlings refers to the young of……..[a]fish[b]rabbit[c]turkey[c]duck[e]tiger

20.Which of the following is commonly used as a source of plant protein in livestock ration[a]groundnut cake[b]maize[c]molasses[d]wheatbran[e]rice bran

21.The farming system which Is most adequate for both soil conversation and livestock management is………. a. mixed farming b. alley farming c. continuous farming d. crop rotation

22.Growing the same type of crop on the same piece of land is a.monocroping b. mixed cropping c. intercropping d.cropping

23.Which of the following can be used a cover crop a. melon b. banana c. cassava d.corn

24. All of the following are erosion control measure except a. diverting water run off into the farm b. creating cross bar c. making ridges across the slope d. planting of cover crops

25.One of the following Is a parasite that lives inside the body of a farm animal a. tape worm b. lice c. flea d. butterfly

26.A piece of land which Is left to revert to bush after a period of cultivation Is called a. bush fallow b.pasture c.range d. cultivation

27.Which of the following crop Is propagated with seed only a. orange b. cocoa c. mango d. pepper

28.The process of separating young animals indedpendently Is refer to as a. weaning b. warning c. warming d. wearing

29.All of the following refers to poultry except a. goat b. turkey c. duck d. chicken

30.A female swine Is called a. sow b. piglet c. hen d. rabbit

31.A castrated male cattle is known as a. bullock b. boar c.cow d. sow

32.A monocotyledou plant Is a plant that ha…..leaf a. one b. four c. two d. five

33.The best soil for agriculture Is a. loamy b sandy c. clay d. granite

34.The botanical n ame for cassava is a. manihot spp b. discorea spp c. zea mays d lycopasicum

35…………. And…………….are the types of agricultural ecology

a.Autecology and synecology b.field plantation c. ecosystem and econiche d. biological and chemical



1a.What is Agriculture

b. List and discuss briefly five factors affecting the development of commercial agriculture in Nigeria

2a.What does mechanization means in Agriculture

b. What are the advantage and disadvantage of mechanization

3.Write short notes on the effects of the following farm practice on soil

[a]bush burning [b]fertilizer application [c]gracing [d]crop rotation

4. State and discuss briefly four factors of production in agriculture

[b]List four functions of a farm manager

5.Write the full meaning of the following 1. DFRRI 2. ADP 3. DFRRI

B. State 3 aims of operation feed the nation

6.What is Ecology b. State and explain the types of ecology you know


1. Write the following for cutlass a. description b. functions or uses

c. maintenance practices

2.a. Mention 8 sources of farm power b. List 5 operations which require mechanical power c. Mention 3 disadvantages of wind power

3a. Write 3 advantages of agricultural mechanization

b. Write 3 disadvantages of agricultural mechanization

c. List the limitations of farm mechanization

4a. What is reproduction

b. What is Oestrus cycle

c. What is mating

5a. What is environmental physiology

b. Write on effects of changes in climate or growth
























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