First Term Examinations Primary 5 All Subjects



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1st Term Examination


Basic 5


1. ________ is the ability to carry out daily activities without getting tired easily (a)physical fitness (b)sluggishness (c)abnormality test (d)entertainment

2. Physical fitness is generally achieved through all these except (a)injury (b)correct nutrition (c)exercise (d)rest

3. Body conditioning is a process of preparing the body or muscles to meet the challenges of physical activities TRUE/FALSE

Fill in the gaps: use Balance, Flexibility, Power or Agility correctly. For questions 4 to 7

4. _______ is the act of bending body parts without breaking

5. ______ refers to the stability of the body

6. ______ means the ability to use parts of the body for specific acts

7. ________ means quick moving, strong and active

8. ______ is a racing competition were athletes of the same team take turns completing parts of certain action (a)hurdles race (b)relay race (c)meter race (d)marathon

9. Which of these is not a type of relay race? (a)4×100 metres (b)4 x 200 metres (c)4 x 300 metres (d)medley relay

10. ________ is exchanged among runners in relay races (a)baton (b)vest (c)jersey (d)whistle

11. Hurdling is the act of running and jumping over an obstacle at speed TRUE/FALSE

12. Failure to pass over by passing under or intentionally knocking over hurdles will result into ________ (a)disqualification (b)penalty (c)promotion (d)postponement

13. Which of these is not a sprint race? (a)relay race (b)marathon (c)200 meters (d)hurdles

14. In high jump, we jump for _________ (a)distance race (b)breath (c)length (d)height

15. The landing area should be (a)0.5m x 0.5m (b)5m x 5m (c)25cm x 2cm (d)30cm by 10m

16. All these are styles in high jump except (a)western roll (b)eastern roll (c)northern roll (d)scissors

17. Long jump is for _______ (a)height (b)distance (c)breadth (d)width

18. Which of these is not a style in long jump? (a)the sail (b)the hang (c)the friction (d)the hitch kick

19. High jump and long jump are track events TRUE/FALE

20. There are ________ forms of long jump (a)2 (b)3 (c)4 (d)5


Answer any four questions of your choice

1. (a). What is physical fitness?

(b). Mention the four skill related components of physical fitness

2. State five benefits of physical fitness

3. (a). How many baton(s) are used in a relay race by a team?

(b). State four types of relay races

4. (a). Explain high jump

(b)List three styles in high jump

5. (a). Explain long jump

(b). Mention three rules in long jump

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1st Term Examination


Basic 5


1. National Honour Award is an award on members of the society for their __________ (a)misbehaviours (b)mischievous activities (c)contribution towards national development (d)disastrous deeds

2. MON stands for (a)Member of the Order of Niger (b)Minister of Organization Nation (c)My Officer in Nigeria (d)Member of the other Nigeria

3. National Honours are conferred on people for hard work and patriotism TRUE/FALSE

4. A disobedient and disloyal citizen can be given a national honours award TRUE/FALSE

5. Which of this not a Nigerian goods? (a)Indomie (b)Milo (c)bournvita (d)pathfinder jeep

6. Encouragement of small industries in Nigeria can help to generate ________ (a)poverty (b)disease (c)employment (d)terrorism

7. Over dependence on importation or foreign goods is good for Nigeria TRUE/FALSE

8. __________ is a state of freedom from war or disturbance (a)famine (b)violence (c)peace (d)bondage

9. All these are values of peaceful co-existence except _____ (a)unity (b)cooperation (c)tolerance (d)dishonesty

10. Which of these is not a characteristic of tolerance? (a)respect for each other (b)forgiveness (c)hatred (d)accommodating

11. __________ is the act of doing together or of working together with others towards a shared aim (a)tolerance (b)co-operation (c)unity (d)humanness

12. Co-operation is a required value in promoting peace TRUE/FALSE

13. Another word for unity is _________ (a)oneness (b)disunity (c)humility (d)separation

14. The ability of the people of a country to co-exist as one inspite of differences in culture, language etc of its citizens is called _______ (a)national disparity (b)national unity (c)nation disarray (d)national disunity

15. Which of these values does not promote peace? (a)pride (b)moderation (c)humanness (d)self control

16. For peace to reign in a community, ________ is indispensable (a)forgiveness (b)retaliation (c)anger (d)revenge

17. The desire by a group of people who share the same race, culture, language etc to form an independent county is called __________ (a)nationalism (b)patriotism (c)citizenship (d)registration

18. All these are attributes of patriotism except _________ (a)love for one’s country (b)loyalty to the nation (c)plotting coups (d)defend of the nationhood

19. There are about _______ ethnic groups in Nigeria (a)2 (b)27 (c)250

20. All these are some of the causes of ethnic crisis in Nigeria except _________ (a)love (b)religious differences (c)language differences (d)political instability


Instruction: Answer four questions only

1. Write the full meaning of each of the followings:


b) CON

c) OFR

d) MFR


2. (a). What are Nigerian – made goods?

(b). Mention any three reasons why we should value made in Nigeria goods

3. (a). What is peace?

(b). Mention three characteristics of tolerance

4. Mention any five values that promote peace in society

5. (a). Define nationalism or patriotism

(b). List three problems caused by ethnic and state loyalty to the detriment of

National unity

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1st Term Examination


Basic 5


1. ________ is the job that someone does to earn an income (a)occupation (b)terrorism (c)campaign (d)lobbying

2. The occupation which involves the designing, building or repairing of roads, bridges, building or machines may be referred to as ________ (a)furnishing (b)carving (c)engineering (d)drilling

3. The field of engineering which deal with the designing and construction of vehicles is known as __________ engineering (a)automobile (b)mechanical (c)chemical (d)electrical

4. Someone who engages in the designing and construction of roads, buildings and bridges is called a ________ (a)agricultural engineer (b)chemist (c)civil engineer (d)electrical engineer

5. Medicine is the study of various _________ and the production of chemical substance that will treat and cure such ___________ (a)vehicles (b)diseases (c)houses (d)equipments

6. __________ is a person who specializes in the treatment of infants and children (a)gynaecologist (b)dentist (c)pediatrician (d)pharmacist

7. Which of these cannot be saved in the bank for future use? (a)house (b)money (c)document (d)gold

8. ________ banks are used y private companies and individuals to keep money and other valuables (a)central (b)commercial (c)merchant (d)development

9. All these are services provided by banks except (a)opening of account (b)saving of money (c)arresting of customers (d)withdrawal of money

10. When opening an account the following needs to be properly followed except (a)filling of forms (b)writing an exam (c)presentation of three passport photographs (d)provision of PHCN bill

11. The vocation which involves the use of wood for making wooden objects, sculpture, carving and construction is _________ (a)wood work (b)wood mill (c)wood pulp (d)wood seasoning

12. There are __________ types of wood (a)5 (b)4 (c)3 (d)2

13. Underline the odd one (a)plumbing (b)wood carving (c)carpentry (d)sculptor

14. ________ is used for the washing of clothes and removal of dirt’s from clothes (a)generator (b)amplifier (c)washing machine

15. _________ refers to the science that deals with the process of growing and taking care of different types of plants, vegetables and flowers (a)snailry (b)orchard (c)horticulture (d)helliculture

16. Flowers beautify our homes and keep our environment warm TRUE/FALSE

17. All these are farm implements except (a)tractor (b)hoe (c)cutlass (d)hand trowel

18. The modern tools used in agricultural technology are referred to as _________ (a)implements (b)machineries (c)means (d)methods

19. _________ materials are natural resources which are deposited in the land by God to produce finished goods (a)soiled (b)furnished (c)processed (d)raw

20. Crude oil is taken from the ground through a method known as __________ (a)broadcasting (b)mining (c)drilling (d)extracting


Instruction: Answer any four questions

1. Mention five fields of engineering

2. (a). What is a bank?

(b). Explain the process involved in opening an account

3. (a). What is laundry?

(b). A person whose vocation is laundry is called ________

(c). List three (3) items used in laundry

4. (a)What is agricultural technology?

(b)Explain three modern ways of farming

5. List the uses of the following raw materials:

a) Iron ore:-

b) Crude oil:-

c) Cocoa:-

d) Gold:-

e) Leather:-

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1st Term Examination


Basic 5


1. Another name for Paul is ______ (a)Stephen (b)Abraham (c)Saul (d)Peter

2. Paul was born in _______ (a)Iraq (b)Tarsus (c)Canada (d)Tokyo

3. Paul studied under __________ (a)Jesus (b)Gamaliel (c)president (d)Moses

4. Who spoke to Saul on his way to Damascus? (a)an angel (b)Jesus Christ (c)Satan (d)God

5. Paul’s proposed mission to Damascus was to _________ (a)arrest the Christians (b)punish offenders (c)kill the king (d)reward the Gentiles

6. The meeting of Christ on Saul’s way to Damascus let to his _________ (a)conversion (b)death (C)paralysis (d)deafness

7. After Paul’s conversion and baptism he began to __________ (a)persecute the Christians more (b)proclaim that Jesus was Christ (c)accuse the Christians and apostles (d)none of the above

8. Paul and Barnabas were selected by the (a)Jews (b)Judas (c)Holy Spirit (d)king

9. Paul preached in all these places except (a)Egypt (b)Antioch (c)Lystra (d)Derbe

10. What do you call a person who moves from one place to another preaching the gospel? (a)walker (b)Nomad (c)terrorist (d)evangelist

11. Preaching the gospel is the responsibility of ________ (a)pastors only (b)evangelist only (c)every Christian (d)ushers only

12. __________ work involves preaching the gospel to people everywhere and converting them (a)teaching (b)missionary (c)weldering (d)broadcasting

13. In the course of Paul’s preaching, he wrought many _______ (a)miracles (b)havocs (c)troubles (d)disasters

14. Where was Paul when he had a vision to go to Macedonia? (a)Jerusalem (b)Troas (c)Lystra (d)Perga

15. Who was the first person to be converted in Macedonia? (a)the Damsel (b)Lydia (c)Simon Peter (d)Elymas

16. The letter of St. Paul are often called _________ (a)epistles (b)formal letter (c)informal letter (d)non-formal letters

17. Paul’s letters are meant to console an strengthen believers TRUE/FALSE

18. Paul’s letters are meant to _________ false doctrine (a)fulfill (b)promote (c)teach (d)correct

19. Which of these is not an epistle of St. Paul? (a)Joshua (b)1 Corinthians (c)Galatians (d)Titus

20. Unbelieving Jews stirred up the Gentiles and poisoned their minds against Paul and Barnabas TRUE/FALSE


Instruction: Answer any four questions

1. In five sentences, write about Paul’s early life and education

2. Briefly narrate the conversion of Saul

3. Summarize Paul and Barnabas encounter with the crippled man in Lystra

4. Name five of the epistles Paul wrote

5. (a). Who is a missionary?

(b). State three reasons for Paul’s letter

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1st Term Examination


Basic 5


Section A

Instruction: In each of the following problems, a word is missing. Choose from the given alternative the word that most suitably completes the problem.

1. Sheep and bleat, lion and _______ (a)shout (b)brave (c)wicked (d)roar

2. Chalk and blackboard, pen and _________ (a)teacher (b)paper (c)pencil (d)ink

3. Aeroplane and wings, car and _______ (a)engine (b)driver (c)road (d)wheels

4. Beautiful and ugly, sharp and __________ (a)blunt (b)short (c)crooked (d)bright

5. Swim and fish, gallop and __________ (a)man (b)lion (c)pig (d)horse


Instruction: Choose from the options the word which correctly fills the gap

Example:- (best, beast), (set, seat), (bed, _______) (a)bean (b)bead (c)beat (d)bare

6. (cash, sash) (advice, advise) (cod, ________) (a)bold (b)sold (c)dole (d)lord

7. (cat, tack) (sat, task) (cub, ________) (a)buck (b)cab (c)curb (d)but

8. (blast, last) (dark, ark) (fallow, ________) (a)follow (b)allow (c)lower (d)allot

9. (late, loot) (hate, hoot) (fate, _______) (a)foal (b)fool (c)foot (d)foul

10. (series, serial) (vies, vial) (dies, _______) (a)deal (b)dale (c)side (d)dial


Underline the word that does not belong to the same group


11. Nigeria Iraq India U.S.A. Cairo

12. School Teacher Principal Doctor Pupil

13. Pen Red Green Pink Black

14. Orange Guava Apple Pear Cassava

15. Solid Water Milk Petrol Liquid


Instruction:- Choose the one that ends the first word and begins the second

16. Can__le 17. Examin__tion

o p

o p

r l


(a)c (b)s (c)d (d)p (a)n (b)g (c)s (d)a

18. Pi__ture 19. Bi__le

u o

p o


(a)d (b)t (c)p (d)c (a)b (b)z (c)d (d)s

20. peo__le




(a)o (b)p (c)s (d)y


Choose the word that cannot be formed by an arrangement of some or all the letters of the letter more often than it appears in the word printed in capital letters.

EXAMPLE: SWEAR (a)ware (b)sew (c)erase (d)sear

21. GEOGRAPH (a)yoga (b)rogue (c)peg (d)hoe

22. COMBATANT (a)aunt (b)comb (c)baton (d)atom

23. INDISPENSABLE (a)sleep (b)insane (c)enable (d)pension

24. AMERICA (a)rise (b)crime (c)area (d)care

25. OPPOSITION (a)site (b)option (c)spoon (d)post


In each of numbers 26 – 30 you are given a sentence. Read it carefully and decide how true it is, circle:

 A if it is ALWAYS true

 B if it often true but NOT ALWAYS true

 C if it is NEVER true

 D if it is IMPOSSIBLE to say how true it is

26. Fire is hot


27. Adults are taller than children


28. Boys called Peter are clever


29. Bicycles have engines


30. Twin brothers have the same mother


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1st Term Examination


Basic 5



Many years ago there was a great famine in a village called Aruland. People died like chickens and there was no one to bury them. No one felt strong enough to perform the ceremonies. Many people left the country and trekked away to the east across the lake and to the west into the forest. Many people sold their children to get food; only those who loved their children very much preferred to keep them and starve with them. Even the daughters of the chiefs were married off to obtain food, for even the rulers were hungry. Men of lowly birth who had food married princesses

People would eat anything. If they found things that only looked like potatoes they ate them, not minding whether they were poisonous or not. Consequently, many people who ate such poisonous items died. They would have been better off not eating at all

1. In Aruland village there was (a)a fire disaster (b)an epidemic (c)a great ceremony (d)a scarcity of food

2. When people left the country they trekked to (a)the west and the south (b)the east and the west (c)the lake and the river (d)the neighbouring village

3. The hunger was so great that many people (a)slaughtered all their chickens (b)fought and quarreled over animals (c)abandoned their children (d)sold their children to get food

4. Some poor people, were able to marry princesses because (a)they were rich and kind (b)they had food (c)they were very handsome (d)the princesses ran after them

5. Which of the following is not true according to the passage? (a)many people starved to death (b)the people in the village danced everyday (c)people moved across the lake or walked into the forest (d)those who loved their children starved instead of selling them


Instructions: – Choose from the list of words lettered A to D the one that is NEAREST IN MEANING to the word underlined in the sentence

6. Mungo Park discovered the source of the River Niger (a)made (b)found (c)formed (d)developed

7. I remember what you said (a)forgive (b)remind (c)recall (d)think

8. The thieves intended to attack the rich man in the night (a)attempted (b)planned (c)went (d)failed

9. He is a faithful man, you can depend on him (a)reply (b)rely (c)call (d)rest

10. My uncle is the head of the village (a)judge (b)master (c)middleman (d)leader


Instruction:- Choose the one that most correctly explains the meaning of the sentence

11. I came across this book in the library. This means that I _______ (a)took this book to the library(b)found this book in the library (c)borrowed this book from the library (d)forgot this book in the library

12. Chinedu is a glutton. This means that Chinedu _______ (a)eats only vegetable food (b)eats only food made from mutton (c)does not like eating (d)eats too much

13. When Olu got to the road junction, he did not know which direction to go. This means that Olu _______ (a)changed his mind and went back home (b)just decided to stop at the junction (c)was confused about the road to take

14. All the boy can boast of is one pair of shoes. This means that he _______ (a)does not have more than a pair of shoes (b)has all kinds of shoes (c)has no shoes at all (d)has only worn out shoes

15. The boy is too young to learn how to drive. This means that the boy ________(a)is a learner driver (b)may learn to drive in future (c)is too short to drive (d)cannot learn to drive now


Instruction:- choose the appropriate option that suit the following statement

16. Nobody _____ attend the party if Collins does not come (a)can (b)has (c)will (d)are

17. “I would have _________ to stay her”, Matilda said (a)likes (b)liked (c)liking (d)love

18. ______ he comes, call me (a)so soon (b)as soon as (c)immediate (d)shall

19. He ________ a song at evening tides (a)sings (b)sing (c)singing (d)sang

20. The people you invited did not ________ after all (a)come (b)comes (c)coming (d)came


Write a detailed composition about any festival you know


Write about any story you have been told


Turn the following nouns to adjectives:

1. Sun :-

2. Science :-

3. North :-

4. Beauty :-

5. Charity :-

6. Danger :-

7. Thank:-

8. Hunger :-

9. Length :-

10. Trouble :-


According to the prose “Behind the rough road”

1. What were the professions of Dare and Modupe while in Lagos? (a)trader and tailor (b)banker and secretary (c)teaching and accountant (d)engineering and farming

2. What were the last things Dare picked as he fled the house? (a)touch and gun (b)clothes and sandals (c)food and water (d)documents and money

3. Who were those that incited the riot in Jos? (a)the herdsmen (b)Boko haram (c)the natives (d)soldiers

4. How much did the landlord refund to Dare and what did he want him to do? (a)N200,000 to pack out (b)N300,000 to repaint the building (c)N50,000 to become the care taker (d)N100,000 to marry his daughter

5. Who advised Modupe to threaten her husband with divorce ? (a)her friends (b)her relatives (c)a counselor (d)a lawyer

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1st Term Examination


Basic 5


1. _________ is the act of expressing an idea in lines on a paper, canvas or walls (a)polishing (b)drawings (d)shading

2. The drawing of man-made objects is called ________ drawing (a)nature (b)still-life (c)mermaid

3. The drawing of these objects is an example of still-life? (a)sheep (b)goad (c)chair

4. Imaginative composition is a __________ (a)pictorial painting done with the drawing and studies of events (b)drawing of the brain (c)drawing of the cloud

5. Imaginative sketches can include all these except _________ moving figures (b)sitting and working figures (c)a chair in a room

6. Life drawing is known as drawing of _________ (a)non living things (b)man- made objects (c)living things

7. To study life drawing, we need a human being which in art term is call the _________ (a)model (b)living things (c)portrait

8. Tie and dye involves making patterns on cloth by tying knots in it or tying string around it before you put it in dye so that some parts receive more colour than others TRUE/FALSE

9. Tie and dye was first practiced in _________ (a)London (b)Nigeria (c)China

10. Which of these is not a method of tie and dye? (a)knotting (b)stitching (c)brushing

11. __________ method of tie and dye involves using raffia threads only (a)knotting (b)twisting and coiling (c)pleating

12. ________ method has to do with using seeds or stone and raffia to tie (a)knotting (b)stitching (c)folding

13. Beads are used as _________ (a)adornments (b)disfigurements (c)discolourations

14. ________ are important cultural and traditional materials worn mostly by women and royal fathers (a)beads (b)suit (c)hand

15. Beads can be used to make all these except _______ (a)necklace (b)bracelets (c)wrist watch

16. Bead making is a vocational source of living for some people TRUE/FALSE

17. The arrangement of musical notes according to duration and stress is called _______ (a)pattern (b)plainary (c)defendant

18. How many types of rhythms do we have? (a)2 (b)3 (c)4

19. The movement f any piece of music also means rhythm TRUE/FALSE

20. Rhythm are regular and repeated TRUE/FALSE


Answer any two questions of your choice

1. (a)What is life drawing?

(b)Mention six (6) parts of the human boy

2. State five procedures in making tie and dye

3. State five procedures in bead making

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1st Term Examination


Basic 5


1. Old Roger is dead and gone to his ________ (a)grave (b)bed (c)seat

2. They planted an _________ tree over his head (a)orange (b)mango (c)apple

3. Old Roger got up and gave her a _______ (a)slap (b)knock (c)kick

4. The poem, “Old Roger” is said by a number of children standing in a _________ (a)river (b)box (c)circle

5. The sun is not a-bed when I at night upon my _______ lie; (a)pillow (b)bed (c)sofa

6. And all the children in the _______ are getting up and being dressed (a)north (b)south (c)west

7. Bare – footed came the beggar maid before the king _______ (a)Nebuchadnezzar (b)Cophetua (c)Pharaoh

8. It is no wonder, said the Lords, she is more _________ than day (a)beautiful (c)pretty (c)cheerful

9. One _______ her ankles, one her eyes (a)lamed (b)took (c)praised

10. This _______ maid shall be my queen (a)lonely (b)beggar (c)hardworking

11. I wish I live in a ________ (a)cart (b)car (c)caravan

12. His caravan has windows ______ (a)five (b)three (c)two

13. He has a wife, with a baby _______ (a)fair (b)brown (c)dark

14. He dashes the ______ like a bell (a)basins (b)bowl (c)cup

15. With the ________ man I should like to roam (a)peddler (b)public (c)travel

16. I’m very hungry, and I wish you’d let me go and _____ (a)cook (b)try (c)cry

17. “Sweet innocent,” the mother cried. She cried because it was (a)sweet (b)ignorant (c)young

18. Now as I’ve heard, this little trout was ________ and _______ too (a)young, foolish (b)small, fat (c)old, filled

19. Sneeze on ________, joy tomorrow (a)Sunday (b)Saturday (c)Thursday


Answer any four questions

1. Summarize the essence of the poem “The little fish that that would not do as it was bid”.

2. Who is a peddler?

3. Who the poet of the poem “The beggar maid”.

4. Write the poem “Sneeze”

5. What is the main subject in the poem “Miss Mary Mark”

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1st Term Examination


Basic 5


1. Nigeria was colonized by _______ (a)United State of America (b)Great Britain (c)Benin Republic

2. All these are foreign religion now being practiced by many Nigerians except _______ (a)Christianity (b)Islam (c)traditional religion

3. A marriage between people from different ethnic groups is called ______ marriage (a)polygamous (b)intra – ethnic (c)inter – ethnic

4. Inter – ethnic marriage promotes all the following except ________ (a)national unity (b)sexual immorality (c)communal peace

5. Which of these is not a value of intra and inter – ethnic marriages? (a)affection (b)hatred (c)trust

6. All these are reasons for marriage failure except __________ (a)love (b)tolerance (c)childlessness

7. Which of these factors is the most important in preventing marriage failure? (a)love (b)money (c)sex

8. What do we call an unmarried man? (a)brother (b)spinster (c)bachelor

9. Pre-marital sexual relationship is sexual relationship between _______ People (a)unmarried (b)married (c)divorced

10. Pre-marital sexual relationship can lead to _______ (a)good health (b)unwanted pregnancy (c)marriage

11. Which of these is not a healthy Boy – Girl relationship? (a)saying yes to sex (b)saying no to sex (c)saying no to negative peer pressure

12. All these can help in promoting our culture except _________ (a)criminal activities (c)cultural festival (c)school programmes

13. Which of these is not a disadvantage of foreign culture on our culture? (a)goo health system (b)violence (c)destruction of our traditional values

14. The mass media and the preservation of our artifacts cannot help in promoting our culture TRUE/FALSE

15. All these are causes of religious intolerance except _________ (a)love and unity (b)ignorance (c)selfishness

16. Labour simply refers to _________ (a)frictional force (b)work force (c)unemployed youths

17. An ______ is a person employed by another to work in return for wages (a)employer (b)employee (c)executor

18. The higher our wages the less our standard of living TRUE/FALSE

19. When people who are willing and able to work are not employed there is ________ (a)employment (b)unemployment (c)progress

20. Positive attitude should be shown towards people living with HIV and AIDS TRUE/FALSE


Answer any four questions

1. Mention five (5) foreign influences on Nigeria values

2. (a)Differentiate between intra and inter marriage

(b)What is pre-marital sexual relationship

3. Discuss any major religion in Nigeria, giving a minimum of five points

4. (a)What is employment

(b)Mention three (3) causes of unemployment

5. (a)What is labour?

(b)Give the full meaning of the following:


ii. NLC

iii. NBA

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1st Term Examination


Basic 5


1. Agriculture simply means ______ (a)a people’s way of life (b)ability to vote and be voted for (c)the practice of growing crops and rearing animals for man’s food, shelter and medicine (d)the study of the earth

2. Crops need all these to grow well except _________ (a)adequate water (b)poor soil (c)good climate condition (d)mineral salt

3. The rearing of animals provides man with all these except _______ (a)meat (b)income (c)water (d)egg and milk

4. Birds like chickens, ducks, turkey , peacock, etc kept for their meat or eggs are called ______ (a)birds (b)nestling (c)poultry (d)amphibians

5. _________ is the changing of agricultural produce from their raw forms to other useful forms (a)breaking (b)destruction (c)processing (d)storage

6. When cassava is processed we can get all these form it except __________ (a)milo (b)garri (c)cassava flour (d)African salad

7. Agricultural products are often taken to the ________ for sale (a)school (b)church (c)market (d)workshop

8. All these are products of cotton EXCEPT ______ (a)needle (b)textiles (c)materials for clothes (d)thread

9. Some plants (herbs) are mixed with alcohol, palm wine etc to make some local drugs TRUE/FALSE

10. Lemon grass, neem (dogoyaro) are not medicinal TRUE/FALSE

11. An agriculturist that specializes in the production of vegetable crops are called _______ (a)crop scientists (b)animal scientist (c)horticulturist (d)bush men

12. People who engage in the processing of harvested farm products into more useful materials are called _________ (a)gardeners (b)teachers (c)processors (d)destroyers

13. ________ is the preventing of farm produce from getting spoilt and wasting it at the end (a)preservation (b)procreation (c)irrigation (c)pasteurization

14. Preservation of farm produce prevents possible contamination and infection TRUE/FALSE

15. Spoilage results from the activities of all these except _________ (a)insects and rodents (b)micro-organisms (c)proper storage (d)effects of weather

16. Yams are stored in ________ (a)barns (b)bags (c)can (d)silo

17. Grains like rice, beans, millets, maize etc can be stored in all these except (a)refrigerator (b)bags (c)cribs (d)silos

18. Meat, milk, fish and their products are usually persevered by ________ storage (a)warm (b)open (c)cold (d)dry

19. The preservation of food or farm produce with dry edible salt is called _________ (a)seasoning (b)edifying (c)smoking (d)salting

20. Frying is the cooking of food in or another _______ and ________ (a)water, petrol (b)oil, fat (c)kerosene, diesel (d)all of the above


Answer any four questions

1. (a)What is agriculture?

(b)Mention three (3) benefits of agriculture

2. (a)What is preservation?

(b)State three (3) reasons for preservation of farm produce

3. (a)Explain the term ‘farmland’

(b)Explain using examples the meaning of the followings:

i. Perishable farm produce

ii. Non – perishable farm produce

4. List five methods f farm produce preservation

5. (a)Mention three foods/farm produce that can be preserved by canning

(b)Mention any two (2) farm produce that can be preserved by bagging

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1st Term Examination


Basic 5


1. Because of our health, homes should have _________ bedroom and toilet (a)dirty (b)untidy (c)clean ()semi dirty

2. ______ are fixed on the walls around the bath in a modern bathroom to make cleaning easier (a)carpet (b)tiles (c)rug (d)nylon

3. One of the following is not a type of toilet (a)pit latrine (b)shower toilet (c)bucket latrine (d)water closet toilet

4. One of the following brushes is not required for cleaning bathroom and toilet (a)toilet brush (b)scrubbing brush (c)shoe brush (d)disinfectant

5. The sink in the kitchen is usually placed under a _________ (a)cupboard (b)drum (c)window (d)cooler

6. _________ is the main meal of the day and it should be a well balanced meal (a)breakfast (b)lunch (c)dinner (d)hot drink

7. ________ is a good breeding ground for insects (a)clean gutter (b)neat drainage (c)dirty gutter (d)nice drainage system

8. ________ should not be purchased in bulk when shopping (a)perishable food (b)non perishable (c)beans (d)yam

9. Which of these accidents is less severe? (a)fall (b)burn (c)suffocation (d)dislocation

10. One of the following cannot be polished (a)can (b)glass (c)wood (d)furniture

11. Home economics is divided into home management, clothing and textile and _______ (a)cooking (b)sewing (c)textile (d)kitchen management

12. Good ______ is needed for health boy and mind (a)ventilation (b)school (c)church (d)intelligence

13. All these are used in a washing and cleaning day except _________ (a)starch (b)detergent (c)soap (d)none of the above

14. One thing people always notice about you is your ________ (a)job (b)food (c)sleep (d)posture

15. Taking good care of one’s personal appearance is known as ________ (a)good living (b)neatness (c)good grooming (d)boating

16. _________ is the point where two or more layers of fabric, leather or other materials are held or fixed together with stitches (a)confluence (b)joint (c)seam (d)junction

17. Seams are finished with a variety of techniques TRUE/FALSE

18. __________ seam is used for making babies clothes (a)French (b)flat (c)lapped (d)bound

19. Flat seam cannot used in under garments and in knitted items TRUE/FALSE

20. A _____ is a treatment that secures and neatens the raw edges of a plair seam to prevent reveling (a)run and fall seam (b)flat seam (c)seam finish (d)lapped seam


Answer any four (4) questions

1. Give five (5) reasons for cleaning our homes, classrooms and environment

2. Mention five tools and agents for cleaning the home

3. Mention five processes for cleaning the home

4. (a)What is a seam?

(b)Mention three types of seam

5. Describe how to make a French seam

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1st Term Examination



Section A name:…………………………….…

Attempt all questions

1. Windows is ______ (a)access to computer (b)running the computer (c)an extension of disk operating system

2. Windows link all application programs to _______ on the computer (a)interface (b)operating system (c)capabilities

3. Windows allows the computer user to have access to the _____ all at the same time (a)files (b)diskette (c)windows

4. Windows environment is also referred to as ______ (a)working environment (b)desktop (c)Microsoft

5. Booting your computer is the first step in starting the computer TRUE/FALSE

6. My computer is an example of computer ICON TRUE/FALSE

7. To quit/exit windows means to shut down the computer TRUE/FALSE

8. Pointing and locating in basic mouse movement involves ______ (a)moving the pointer till it touches the sky (b)until it rest on a specific object or area on the screen (c)till it shut the computer down

9. Double clicking means ________ (a)pressing and releasing of a mouse button in quick succession (b)pressing the mouse button in slow succession (c) pressing the mouse button in sluggish succession

10. This mouse pointer means the mouse is ________ (a)in move mode (b)in running mode (c)in normal mode

11. This mouse pointer means the mouse is ________ (a)vertical re-size mode (b)horizontal re-size mode (c)move mode

12. Maximum button is situated at the ________ corner of the computer screen (a)left (b)right (c)centre

13. Maximum button has a ____________ shape (a)square (b)triangle (c)cone

14. Caned button is used to close o quit an existing window application TRUE/FALSE

15. _______ button is used to bring back an application to its previous size (a)control menu bar (b)restore button (c)task bar

16. Identify this mouse pointer mode (a)normal mode (b)alternate mode (c)move mode

17. Where is the task bar located on the screen? (a)bottom of window (b)left of window (c)left and right hand corner of the window

18. Can a mouse be used to choose a command? YES/NO

19. Standard tools bar is a feature of windows application

20. Clicking, double clicking and dragging are all basic mouse movement TRUE/FALSE


Attempt all questions

1. Define ICONs

2. List three (3) examples of ICONS

3. List five (5) features of window application

4. Draw two mouse pointer positions and state their meanings

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1st Term Examination




Answer all questions

Circle out the smallest number

1. 311421 8844561 486845 6641412 341341

2. 343461 324562 848466 2266141 1176223

3. 6114121 7733661 4386584 643141 364314


4 1 7 4

80 + 20

4. 5.

6 41 214 8 21 4 1


41 1 421

Circle out the biggest fraction

7. 3/5 , 4/7 2/3, 7/9

8. ½, 2/9, ⅓, 1/4

9. 2/7, 3/8, 5/6, ½

10. 3/9, ¼, 3/7, 1/6

11. ⅓,1/4, 1/5, 1/6

Circle the smallest fraction

12. 2/7, ⅓, 4/5, 2/9

13. 2/9, ⅓, ½, 2/7

14. 4/7, ½, 2/3, 4/9


31.44 + 21.41 +22.11 +66.22 = 140.884

15. 16.




42.66 +52.88 – 72.44 = 23.1

19. 20.

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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