Second Term Basic Science Primary 6 Exams


Second Term Basic Science Primary 6 Exams

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1. The ____pumps blood to all part of the body.

(a) kidney (b) heart (c) brain (c) liver

2. _____ are blood vessels carrying oxygen-rich blood away from the heart to other parts of the body

(a) capillaries (b) veins (c) arteries (d) vena cava

3. Blood circulation in human is regarded as ____________ circulation (a) single (b) double (c) triple (d) multiple

4. The male reproductive system are made up of the following organs except ___(a) testis (b) penis (c) sperm duct (d) oviduct

5. _____ is where the zygote develops (a) testes

(b) ovaries (c) oviduct (d) womb

6. In human beings, both males and females produce sex cells called ____(a) gametes (b) fertilization

(c) platelet (d) haemoglobin

7. When ____sets in, the physical appearance of boys and girls begin to change in preparation for reproduction (a) reproduction (b) germination (c) puberty

(d) pollination

8. One of these changes occur in girl during _____ the stage mention in question 7 (a) the shoulder becomes broader (b) The voice ‘cracks’ and becomes deeper

(c) the hips become broader (d) semen production starts

9. All of these are consequences of irresponsible sexual behavior except (a) unwanted pregnancy (b) dropping out of school (c) risk of being infected with STDs

(d) long life and intelligence

10. All of these are ports in Nigeria except ___

(a) Lagos ports (b) Port-Harcourt port (c) Calabar ports (d) none of the options

11. One of these is a place through which imports and exports come into or move out of the country (a) Dams (b) ports (c) lakes (d) streams

12. Water transportation can take place through any of these except _____(a) hills (b) rivers (c) seas (d) ocean

13. Wind is ____ in motion (a) air (b) water (c) sand particles (d) sound

14. A ____ is used to generate electricity (a) vehicle

(b) match stick (c) wind will (d) bellow

15. Air pressure does one of the following (a) makes things to fly in air (b) pumps blood through the human blood vessels (c) makes our vehicles move (d) makes us stand firmly on the ground

16. One of these is a solid mineral (a) crude oil (b) natural gas (c) coal gas (d) columbite

17. ____ is used for making ornaments and jewelleries (a) Gold (b) sulphur (c) Aluminium (d) graphite

18. ____ is used for making safety matches, gun powder, ointments and to make rubber hard. (a) lead (b) iron (c) sulphur (d) copper

19. One of these mineral is found in Udi hills near Enugu, Enugu state. (a) Aluminium (b) Gold (c) coal (d) crude oil

20. ____is the removal of minerals from their sources under the earth surface (a) exploitation (b) exploration (c) expiration (d) excommunication

21. Continuous and persistent removal of mineral resources in a particular place for a long period of time is known as ____(a) over exploration (b) over exploitation (c) under exploration (d) under exploitation

22. Light carries energy in tiny packets of electromagnetic radiation called ___(a) photon (b) ion (c) atom (d) proton

23. The seven colours of the rainbow are abbreviated as _____(a) ROGBIV (b) ROBGIV (c) ROGVIB (d) ROYGBIV

24. ____ are colours that can be mixed together to obtain other colours (a) primary colour (b) secondary colours (c) tertiary colours (d) none of the option

25. Red + Yellow = ___ (a) green (b) orange (c) purple (d) none of the option


26. The two upper chambers of heart are __________ and ________________________

27. The three types of blood vessels are _____________,

_______________ and ____________________

28. The left and right sides of the heart is separated by a thick muscular wall called ________________________

29. ______________ are produced in the testes.

30. Another name for the oviduct is _________________

31. The female gamete is called ___________ while the male gamete is called ______________________

32. An example of a responsible sexual behavior is _______________________________

33. VVF is _______________________________________

34. Which of these do menstruation? (mature boys or mature girls) __________________________________

35. Two examples of dams in Nigeria are ____________________ and ______________________

36. Two examples of lakes in Nigeria are __________________ and _____________________

37. The three properties of air are _________________

____________________________ and _________________

38. One of the use or application of air pressure is ______________________________

39. Two examples of gaseous minerals are ____________________ and _______________________

40. Three of the states where crude oil can be found in Nigeria are _________________,__________________ and




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1.State one function of each of the following:

i. Tastes: _______________________________________

ii. uterus: ______________________________________

iii. Ovaries: ______________________________________

iv. sperm duct:- _______________________________


2a. Label the diagram below

i. _______________________________



3a. State 2 consequences of indiscrimination or irresponsible sexual behavior


ii. _____________________________________________

b. State two of the five categories into which WATER PROJECTS in Nigeria can be grouped


ii. _____________________________________________

4a. what are secondary colours? ____________________


b. List all the primary colour

i. _____________________________________________

ii. ____________________________________________

c. Red + Blue = __________________________________

5a. what is a natural environment? __________________


b. State what these minerals are used for

i. Aluminium: _____________________________________

ii. Graphite: ______________________________________


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