First Term Senior Secondary School List Of Subjects SS 1 Students


First Term

Senior Secondary School  1 

(SSS 1) 

Subject Combination For Art  Students ,

Commercial Students  and Science Students

Most students are always confused as to what subjects that should combine in their first year in senior secondary school which is commonly called SS1.


This should not be a very difficult task to do as the year tutors are already there to guide the students on subject combination based on each student performance in the previous class JSS 3 or  BECE examination .
Here is a list of recommended subjects combination based on either science class, art class or commercial class. 

Key Subjects That Must Be Offered By Every Students


1. English (compulsory for students to choose and sit for)

2. Mathematics (compulsory for students  to choose and sit for)

3. Yoruba/Hausa/Igbo (one language subject )

4. Biology/ Agricultural science (compulsory for students to choose but not compulsory to sit for)

5. Economics ( One social subject)

Additional Subjects For Arts

Literature in English,





Civic Education 


Additional Subjects For Science




Agric Science,

Further Maths


Additional Subjects For Commercial




Further Maths


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