Subject : 

Civic education

Term :

Second Term


Week 3

Class :

Basic 6 / Grade 6 / Primary 6


Previous lesson : 

The pupils have previous knowledge of NATIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS AND IDENTITY  

in their previous lesson


Topic :


Behavioural objectives :

At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to

  • define a citizen of a country
  • say the various means of acquiring the citizen status of a country
  • explain the benefits of being a citizen of a country


Instructional Materials :

  • Wall charts
  • Pictures
  • Related Online Video
  • Flash Cards

Methods of Teaching :

  • Class Discussion
  • Group Discussion
  • Asking Questions
  • Explanation
  • Role Modelling
  • Role Delegation


Reference Materials :

  • Scheme of Work
  • Online Information
  • Textbooks
  • Workbooks
  • 9 Year Basic Education Curriculum
  • Workbooks


Content :

Who is a citizen of a country ?

A citizen of a particular country is a person that lives in a particular country who has a specific fundamental human rights and responsibilities of living in that particular country . a person that lives in a country that he or she doe not belong to is a foreigner or alien in that particular country . Passport is important for international movements across various countries boarders but one must be a citizen of a country before he or she can be issued an international passport for traveling . It is possible for someone to be a citizen of two countries eg Anthony Joshua , a Nigerian born British boxer.

Citizenship shows the status that a person is a citizen with full rights and duties in the country. For instance someone that lives in Nigeria 🇳🇬 is a Nigerian. An America 🇺🇸 citizen is called an American. Someone that has the legal right to live in Ghana is called a Ghanaian


How To Become a Citizen Of A Country 

The following are ways one can be a citizen of Nigeria

1. Citizen by birth  : A person automatically becomes a citizen of a country if he or she was given birth to in that country . The person becomes a citizen of that country by birth

2. Citizen by registration (marriage ) : Marriage is the legal union between a man and a woman to legally become husband and wife . During marriage , wedding vows are exchanged and the necessary registrations are done at the appropriate registry to give the marriage a legal backing

3. Citizen by naturalization : This type of citizen acquisition is done through honour or through the statutes of the law . The candidate that is to be considered for citizenship must have lived in that country for some year and the person must have no criminal records





The topic is presented step by step


Step 1:

The class teacher revises the previous topics


Step 2.

He introduces the new topic


Step 3:

The class teacher allows the pupils to give their own examples and he corrects them when the needs arise




The class teacher wraps up or conclude the lesson by giving out short note to summarize the topic that he or she has just taught.

The class teacher also goes round to make sure that the notes are well copied or well written by the pupils.

He or she does the necessary corrections when and where  the needs arise.



  • Explain citizenship
  • Who is a citizen of a country
  • Mention three ways of becoming a citizen of a country
  • Write out out four Nigerians with dual citizenship
  • What is citizen by naturalization




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