The Cunning Fox And the Wise Crane.


Class: Basic 4

Subject: English Studies

Topic: Evaluation Test




The Cunning Fox And the Wise Crane.

 There once lived a Cunning Fox. He would often make fun of others. One day , the Fox invited a crane to his house. He said, “Mr” Crane why don’t you come home for dinner tonight?” The crane accepted the invitation.


  That evening, he went to the Fox’s place. The fox went on and on talking for s long time. The crane was very hungry. At last , the fox brought two shallow plates and said, “please have this soup ,Mr Crane”. But the crane could not drink from the shallow dish, because he had a long beak. He went home hungry decided to teach the fox s lesson.


   The next day, the crane invited the fox to dinner . When the fox arrived, the crane brought soup in two narrow jars . The crane put his long beak inside the jars and finished off all the soup. The fox could only watch . He could not put his head into the narrow jar . Every now and then, the crane would look up from eating and say , “why don’t you eat, Mr Fox?” The fox was silent. He had learnt a hard lesson . From that day, he never made fun of anyone again.


Evaluation questions

(1)Why did the Crane go to the fox’s house?______________________

(2) What were the fox doing for a long time? ______________________

(3) Did the crane drink the soup? _______________________

(4) Why did the Crane invite the fox?______________________

(5) Where did the Crane put the soup?_________________________

(6)Why did the fox go home hungry?________________________ 

Change the following sentences into indirect speech

(7)Zaytun told us, “I’m going for dinner tonight.

(8) I’ll bake you a chocolate cake for tea today, “promised my sister.

(9)Talatu says , “Our examination results will be out soon”

(10)Balarabe promised, ” I will take you all on a camping trip soon”.

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