CLASS: PRIMARY 1                            SUBJECT: SOCIAL STUDIES NAME:………………………………………………………………………………..

1 When somebody is ill he or she will not be able to eat , sleep drink or go to toilet (a) True (b) False.

  1. Medicines are preparation used to prevent or cure diseases (a) True (b) False
  2. Hard drugs destroy people’s health and make them run mad.  (a) True (b) False.

4._________ is when we are sick.. (a) Healthy (b) illness

  1.  When we visit the toilet, we should wash your hands (a) Yes (b) No.
  2. Hard drug are substances we take in to our body (a) Yes (b) No.
  3. Children should always keep away from sharp objects (a) Yes (b) No.
  4. Accidents are those bad things that happen to people (a) Yes (b) No.
  5. When we meet our elderly ones, we should ________ them. (a) greet (b) abuse.
  6. When we recite the national anthem we ________ (a) sit down (b) stand up                   (c) kneel down.
  7. Christians worship in the __________ (a) mosque (b) hospital (c) church.
  8. Dirty environment can cause sickness (a) True (b) False.
  9. How many religions do we have in Nigeria (a) 5 (b) 7 (c) 3.
  10. Muslims worship in the _________ (a) shrine (b) mosque (c) church.
  11. The quality of a good family is to _________ one another (a) love (b) hate                  c) fight.
  12. Children should always help their parent at home (a) Yes (b) No.
  13. _______ is the head of a family (a) father (b) mother (c) children.
  14. We should keep our surrounding ________ (a) dirty (b) clean (c) scattered.
  15. _________ is use for cooking (a) fuel (b) stone (c) kerosene.
  16. We save money in the ________ (a) shop (b) school (c) bank.


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