CLASS: PRIMARY 1                            SUBJECT: BIBLE KNOWLEDGE NAME:………………………………………………………………………………..

  1. The act of talking to God is __________ (a) prayer (b) sport (c) talking.
  2. God is the creator of every one (a) True (b) False.
  3. As brother and sister of Jesus Christ we should help one another. (a) Yes

(b) No.

  1. Where was Jesus Christ born? (a) a shop (b) a market (c) a manger.
  2. He helps our parent to give us the following food, shelter, clothes (a) True

(b) False

  1. Angel _________ give message to Mary (a) Gabriel (b) John (c) Joseph.
  2. We lived in the world that _________ created (a) God (b) man (c) animal.
  3. He gives us all what we need when we ask him in prayer (a) Yes (b) No.
  4. ________ will be the king after king Saul (a) David (b) Paul (c) Matthew.
  5. Who loved David and save David’s life (a) Jonathan (b) Samuel (c) Timothy.
  6. Who is God (a) our enemy (b) our creator (c) Nothing.
  7. ________ is the son of God. (a) Matthew (b) Jesus Christ (c) Mark.
  8. Jesus Christ had _________ disciples (a) 14 (b) 12 (c) 20.
  9. God provides for our needs (a) Yes (b) No.
  10. ________ betrayed Jesus Christ (a) John (b) Mark (c) Judas Iscariot.
  11. Who was the son of king Saul? (a) Jonathan (b) David (c) Paul.
  12. Jesus Christ called his followers his friends. (a) Yes (b) No.
  13. We should always pray for our parent at all time (a) True (b) False.
  14. Who was jealous of David (a) Paul (b) King Saul (c) Matthew.
  15. We should always give thanks to (a) Samuel (b) God (c) Man


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