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1. Mention five method of teaching you know
A. Discussion, demonstration, play-way, field trip, questioning,
B. lecture, team-teaching, corporal discipline, motivation, child development
C. Demonstration, counselling, objective, summative, formative
D. Discussion, field trip, questioning, online method and gaming method (A)

2. Who’s the founder of play-way method?
A. Frobel
B. J.J. Rousel
C. Obafemi Awolowo
D. Maria Montessori (A)

3.Mention one factor to be considered for the choice of teaching methodology.
A. Average Age of the learner
B. Family background of the learner
C. level of intelligent
D. size of the classroom
E. All of the above. (E)

4.What’s the main disadvantage of a field trip method?
A. loss of live
B. Costly
C. Time consuming
D. Conservatism (A)

5.What’s the most suitable method of teaching for pre-school children? (Play way Method)

6. Who’s the father of modern education ?
A. John Amos comenius
B. Aristotle
C. Socrates
D. Piaget
E. Adebambo. (A. John Amos Comenius)

7. The following are domains of education except….
A. Cognitive
B. affective
C. psychomotor domain
D. Psychoanalysis domain (D)

8. ……….is a two Greek words which means love of wisdom
A. Psychology
B. Philosophy
C. Psychotherapy
D. Educere (B)

9.The following are the branches of philosophy except?
A. Metaphysics
B. Epistemology
C. Essentialism
D. Logic (C)

10. The branch of psychology concerned with the scientific study of human learning is….
A. Educational Psychology
B. Developmental psychology
C. Adolescent psychology
D. Counselling (A)

11.The aspect of psychology that deals with the growth and development of the child from conception till death and the development attached to every stages is…..
A. Educational Psychology
B. Developmental psychology
C. Adolescent psychology
D. Counselling (B)

12. ……propounded theory for the use of concrete objects and examples during teaching and learning process
A. Frobel
B. Jean Piaget
C. Montessori
D. Rousseau (B)

13. The following are the agents of socialization expect…
A. Peer group
B. Religious group
C. School
D. Family
E. All of the above (E)

14……is d scientific study of human social life, groups and societies within the educational institution
A. Philosophy of education
B. Sociology of education
C. Societal expectation
D. Psychology of education
E. None of d above (B)

15. Totality of student experiences in a teaching and learning process is called….
A. Curriculum
B. Lesson plan
C. Weekly class
D. Lesson note (A)

16. The true object of education should not be primarily vocational was propounded by who?
A. Obafemi awolowo
B. Adelabu
C. Olusegun Mimiko
D. J.J Rousseau (D)

17. Who was the first missionary to settle on Nigeria soil?
A. Herbert Macaulay
B. Ajayi crowther
C. Thomas Birch Freeman
D. Lobentos (C)

18. Mention multimedia equipment that can be used to aid teaching and learning process ( Projector, television,tape played record, films, compact disc, flash drive, telephone, public address system, mobile phone, chart, pictures, posters, bulletin board, chalk board, slide, overhead, etc)

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