Mention five sources of information.

Class: Basic 4

Subject: Basic science & Technology
Topic: Assessment Test
Instructions: Answer all questions 1-10 correctly.
1.___is the process of powering and starting a computer system. A.warming B.booting C.frying
2.There are____types of booting.A.4 B.3 C.2
3.____booting is done by pressing the ON buttons.A.Warm B.Cold C.Hot
4.___booting is done without pressing the ON buttons.A.Hot B.Warm C.cold.
5.Software is a set of_____A.Instructions B.direction C. quotation.
6.Define booting?
7.Mention two types of booting.i.___and ii.____booting.
8.State the meaning of data.
9.What is information?
10.Mention five sources of information.

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