Basic 2 Verbal Reasoning


Class: Basic 2

Subject:Verbal Reasoning Test

Answer all questions

Choose the correct preposition given in bracket to fil in the blank

1.Was he guilty__________stealing
(of, from)

2.l was there___________he came?
(to, before)

3.He divided the orange_________ two equal parts(into,over)

Group of words are given underline the rhyming word to each question.


Plight, train, note, (flight)

4.Fit- cat, cot, pit

5.louse- meat, meet, mouse

6.Slavery- ripe, memory, care

Choose from the bracket the animal that produces each sound


Crow- dog, elephant, (cock)

7.Squeals- pig, rabbit, monkey

8.Whistles- cock, bird, lion

9.Roars- duck, elephant,lion

10.Write out four words that sounds “sh”


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