Revision Primary 2 Computer Study Test


Class: Primary 2
Subject: Computer Study
Topic: Test

Instructions: Answer the following questions.

  1. The ___________ is the brain of the computer (a) monitor (b) CPU (c) printer
  2. Floppy disk drive can be seen on the ________ (a) System Unit (b) Monitor (c) Keyboard
  3. We use _______ to send and receive messages printed on papers. (a) printer (b) fax machine (c) biro
  4. The mouse can be used to _______ pictures on the monitor (a) write (b) draw (c) button
  5. How many types of monitor do we have? (a) 3 (b) 2 (c) 4
  6. We can _______ objects with the mouse (a) drag (b) throw (c) catch
  7. CPU means _______ Processing Unit (a) Center (b) Middle (c) Central
  8. Monochrome monitor can display _____ colours
    (a) black and white (b) many (c) red and blue
  9. The computer mouse is kept on a _______ (a) card (b) pad (c) book
  10. _______ helps us to print on paper (a) printer (b) pointer (c) painter
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