Decorative Stitches are examples 4


Class: Basic 4

Subject: Home Economics

Topic: Evaluation Test


(1) There are _______ type of Stitches (a) 5 (b) 2

(2) Basic Stitches can be classified into (a) private/public Stitches (b) temporary/ permanent stitches

(3) Decorative Stitches are examples of________ (a)minor Stitches (b) permanent stitches

(4)__________ is the fastening of cloth , leathers, furs, bark or other flexible materials (a) whipping (b) stitching

(5) Decorative Stitches add _________ to the dress or materials (a) dancing (b)beauty

(6)One of the examples of decorative stitches is __________ (a)wool (b) herringbone.

(7) Blanket Stitch is also known as__________ (a) modern Stitch (b) crochet Stitch

(8) When a blanket Stitch is applied on clothing by a machine, it is known as________ (a)blank Stitch (b) whip Stitch

(9)___________ Stitches are ones that when put the on a clothing material, it remains there. (a) Temporary Stitches (b) permanent stitches

(10)One of the functions of the temporary Stitches is __________ (a) it holds material permanently (b) it holds material together in place until permanent stitches are applied

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