1st Term Examination Basic Science and Technology Primary 4


1st Term Examination Basic Science and Technology

Primary 4




  1. _______ is the condition of the atmosphere of a particular area at a given period of time (a)climate (b) weather (c) sunny (d) cloudy
  2. Which of the following is a temporary change? (a) water – ice (b) wood – ashes (c) seedlings – young plant (d) egg – adult ( imago)
  3. Changes in plants are permanent (a) True (b) False (c) Maybe (d) I don’t know
  4. _________ is what happens when something passes from one form to another (a) choice (b) change (c) chance (d) charge
  5. The unit of temperature is measured and recorded in ______(a) meters (b) degrees (c) kilograms (d) seconds
  6. A weather experts is referred to as a ______ (a)mechanic (b) meteorologist (c) radiologist (d) cardiologist
  7. The instrument used for measuring wind direction is known as ____ (a) barometer  (b) wind vane (c) thermometer (d) anemometer
  8. In safety rules, red colour signifies (a) danger (b) royalty (c) wealth (d) love
  9. Tape rule, meter rule, ruler are instrument for measuring _____ (a)volume (b) time (c) length (d) weight
  10. The following are instruments used in measuring time except _____(a) bathroom scale (b) stop watch (c) wrist watch (d) table clock
  11. How many colours has a rainbow (a) 5 (b) 7 (c) 3 (d) 2
  12. The weather symbols below signifies  ___________ and _________ (A) cloudy/lighting (b) rainy/sunny (c) hot/sunny (d) lightning/rainy
  13. Red, yellow and blue are examples of _______ colour  (a) primary (b) secondary (c) nursery (d) tertiary
  14. The unit of length is ______ (a) metres (b) litres (c) seconds (d) grammes
  15. Which of the following insects undergoes incomplete metamorphosis (a) cockroach (b) housefly (c) mosquito (d) butterfly
  16. The instrument used to measure the temperature of a particular place or person is known as _____ (a) barometer (b) thermometer (c) anemometer (d) hygrometer
  17. Yellow + Blue = _________ (a) green  (b) purple  (c) orange (d) indigo
  18. Which of the following animals changes its skin colour for protection (a) bird (b) lizard (c) chameleon (d) toad
  19. Which of the following represents the complete metamorphosis in the life cycle of an insect (a) egg – nymph – adult (b) egg – adult (c) egg – larva – pupa – adult(d) egg – larva – adult
  20. An adult  insect  body is divided into ______ main parts (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 5 (d) 7


Section B (Answer all questions)

  1. What is weather? ____________________________________________________________

b.) List the five factors that affect weather

(a) ______________________________   (b) ________________________________

(c) ______________________________   (d) ________________________________

(e) ______________________________



2.a. Define change?______________________________________________________________

b.) Mention two types of change?

(a) ______________________________   (b) ________________________________


3. State one animals that performs the following

  • Animals that shed its skin is ___________________________
  • Animals that changes its colour is ______________________________
  • Animals that changes due to old age is ____________________________

b.) Mention two changes in both plants and animals


  1. ___________________________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________________________


  1. .__________________________________________________________
  2. .__________________________________________________________


 4.   State the units of measurement of

  • Length = ________________________
  • Volume = ________________________
  • Time = __________________________
  • Area = __________________________