English  Evaluation Questions.


SUBJECT:: English


TOPIC:: Evaluation-



Primary 3


Replace the bold words with a suitable adverb.

(1)The dancer danced with grace _______


(2)My sisters go to south East Asia once a year


(3)The waiter carried the glass with care on the tray.


One of the four words in each line is spelt wrongly. Underline the word and spell it correctly by writing in the space provided.


(4) withdrew, bank, chequ, saving


(5)fotball,netball, hockey, tennis


(6)probem,difficult, climate,water


Fill in the blanks with, how,what,which, where,whose.


(7)______is the longest ruler among the three.


(8)______is your sister working.


(9)_______did she ask you to do???


(10)_____child is that.

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