Reading and Readiness


Subject:social Norms

1)what is the name of your school? (a) island builder Baptist school

(b) ogooluwa primary school

2)How old are you?

3) what class are you? (a)I am in KG1

(b)I am in kG2

4)is it good to have friends (a)Yes (b)No

5)Does mummy take good care of you? (a)Yes (b)no



Topic: Reading and Readiness

1)Write letter a____________

2)Read letter a-g

3) Identification of letter a – h

a c d b e g f h

4)say your 4 primary colors.

5)write letter b


Topic:Number Readiness

1) counting of figure 1 – 10.

2) Identification of numbers 1-6

2 1 3 4 6 5.

3) color figure 1 – 3 .

4)write figure 2 .

5)write figure 1.

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