The Effects of working parents in Nigerian Family life 

Subject : Social Studies


Class : Primary 6


Term : First Term


Week : Week 2


Subject : Social Studies


Topic : The Effects of working parents in Nigerian Family life


Previous Knowledge :

The pupils have been taught The external influences on Nigerian family life 


Content : The effects of working parents on the Nigerian family life are


1. Inadequate attention from the parents to their children because both parents are away from home and there will be no one at home to correct, monitor or counsel the children when the need arise 


2. The use of baby sitters to take care of their children during working hours is inevitable. Though inevitable but at times it is not always the best because we have heard different stories of how baby sitters, nanny, child caregiver misbehaved with the children that they were supposed to be taking good care of 



3. Most parents put their children in day care centres and crèche. The babies will be there until when mummy or daddy closes from work by 5pm or 6pm before they would be taken home. 


4. On the positive note, more money is earned by the family because both parents are working and there will be more disposable income that can be sent on health, education, house rent or leisure timeout to any nearby eateries 


5. Some parents make use of relatives, cousins or grandparents as baby sitters. Grandma are very good at helping at home and taking care of homes and babies when both parents are away at work 





Mention three effects of working parents on Nigerian families









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