The weather Attributes of the weather:

Class: Basic 1

Subject: Social Studies.

Topic. :The weather

Attributes of the weather:

The weather can be

  1. Sunny

  2. Cloudy

  3. Windy

  4. Rainy

Sunny weather it keeps us warm


Cloudy weather means that it is going to rain.


Windy weather the wind cools us when we are hot, it also blows all the leaves off the trees


Rainy weather. It means we cannot go out to play, when it rains, we cannot hang our clothes outside to dry.



  1. Mention the 4 types of weather.


  1. ____________ weather keep us warm

(A) sunny

(B) rainy

(C) l don’t known


  1. Draw any 2 types of weather


  1. What kind of weather do you like best?
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