Interpretation of pictogram




Topic:Data collection (pictogram)


Contents:Definition of pictogram


Interpretation of pictogram



A pictogram is a graph using pictures to give information.



Example 1

The pictogram tells you that


1.There are 9 girls in class 2


2.There are 7 boys in class 2


3.There are 16 children in class 2



Example 2

This pictogram shows the number of loaves sold by shopkeeper each day in week.


You will find the information in pictogram below


1.On Monday the shopkeeper sold 7 loaves


2.On Tuesday the shopkeeper sold 4 loaves


3.On Wednesday the shopkeeper sold 5 loaves


4.On Thursday the shopkeeper sold 6 loaves


5.On Friday the shopkeeper sold

4 loaves


6.On Saturday the shopkeeper sold 5 loaves


7.The shopkeeper sold 31 altogether in a week


I.e: 7+4+5+6+4+5=31





The pictogram of milk distribution by a milk company to a it below


1.Class 2 was given___________ cartoons of milk


2.Class 4 was given____________

cartoons of milk


3.Class 5 and class 6 were given

_____________ cartoons of milk



4.______________ was given the fewest cartoons of milk


5.______________ was given most cartoons of milk


6.The total number of cartoons given is ______________

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