The mixture of red and yellow will give….. Cultural and Creative Arts Primary 6 Third Term Week 9 /10







Topic : Revision




1.) Esie is a town in the present ________________ state of Nigeria

(a) Edo (b) Kwara (c) Oyo


2.) Majority of traditional African art are in ______________ form

(a) Craft (b) Mosaic (c) Sculpural


3.) Which of the following is not a traditional craft in Nigeria

(a) printing (b) weaving (c) bead making


4.) The mixture of red and yellow will give ________ (a) brown (b) green (c) orange


5.) There are two types of computer which are _______________

(a) yellow and blue (b) digital and analog (c) electronic and manual


6.) Photograph is classified under _______ art (a) performing (b) theatre (c) fine


7.) A photographer develops his film in the _________________

(a) studio (b) dark-room (c) kingdom hall


8.) The mixture of two secondary colours will give us ___________ colour

(a) university (b) tertiary (c) polytechnic


9.) Ife Art are mostly __________ (a) sculptures (b) carving (c) weaving


10.) The oldest museum in Nigeria is in _________________

(a) Onikan in Lagos State (b) Esie in Kwara State (c) Ife in Osun State


11.) In sculpture rendering of human head to the shoulder is called the _______

(a) bust (b) torso (c) profile


12.) Traditional marks from most tribes in West Africa are made or carved from _______

(a) wood (b) stone (c) clay


13.) White and black are examples of __________ colours

(a) neutral (b) primary (c) secondary


14.) ________ is an example of primary colour (a) blue (b) orange (c) green


15.) Fine Art is a branch of ________ art. (a) performing (b) visual (c) folk


16.) Another name for fined clay work is _________________

(a) terra cotta (b) pottery (c) grog


17.) Rainbow has ___________ colours (a) seven (b) eight (c) ten


18.) The official symbol of an organization is known as ___________

(a) bill board (b) commercial (c) logo


19.) When blue and yellow colours are mixed in equal quantity; the result is _________

(a) brown (b) green (c) orange


20.) The study of human anatomy in art is known as __________ drawing

(a) imaginative (b) life (c) still life


Part B:

Draw and paint a rainbow, and write out the seven colours.


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