Letter Writing Primary 6



Class : Primary 6


Subject : English Grammar


Topic : Letter Writing




Letter writing involves communication between two parties or people that make use of pen and pieces of paper as media of communication.



There are three major categories of letters which are


1. Formal letter


2. Semi Formal letter


3. Informal letter



This morning we shall be discussing the content of informal letter


So what what are the contents of an an informal letter


1. Address : The address of the writer at the right top corner of the piece of paper


2. Date : Date immediately after the address of the writer is written


3. Introduction : The writer starts the letter by saying *Dear……….*

You may write the name of your friend in the space provided


4. Greetings : You may greet by saying


*How are you doing*


*Hope all is fine*


5. Body : This is is the content or the main reason for writing the letter

You may start by saying

*The main reasoning for writing this letter is to tell you that……………*


6. Conclusion : You can conclude or wrap up the letter by saying

*I hope you will*

*Extend my warmest greetings to………*


7. Final note : You will will conclude the letter letter by saying

*Your loving…….*



*Definition of Keywwords*


Address: The details of the place where someone lives or works, which you use to send them letters.


First name: The name that comes before your family name (or surname).


Personal letter: A letter written to people close to you.


Stamp: A piece of paper, which pays for the postal services that you buy and stick onto an envelope before posting it.


Envelope: A thin paper cover in which you put and send a letter.


Occasion: An important social event or ceremony.


Affectionately: Showing that you love someone and care about them. ‘


Yours affectionately’ is sometimes used to,,, conclude an informal letter.


Sincerely: If a person feels or believes something sincerely, then they really feel or believe it and not just pretending.


‘Yours sincerely’ is used to end a letter written to someone, especially a letter that you have begun by using the person’s name.

Relatives: Members of one’s family.


Classmate: Members of the same class in a school, college, or university.


Introduction: The beginning of a letter or essay.


Body: The central or main part of a letter or essay, where the subject matter or the main message of the letter or essay is discussed.


Reply: Something said, written, or done as a way of responding or replying to a letter.





Write an informal letter to your classmate inviting him or her to a special occasion in your family

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