Simple Decorative Stitches

Subject: Home Economics

Class : Primary 3

Topic: Simple Decorative Stitches


Decorative Stitches are examples of permanent stitches.They beautify our garments. They can also be used to mark clothes and other items so that they can be easily identified. They are worked on the edges or the body of an article or garment with coloured threads which are different from the colour of the article or garment.


Decorative Stitches include: stem, chain, blanket or loop, satin, herringbone , whip , oversewing, feather, x_stitches, y_stitches and French knot. They are also called embroidery stitches.



Evaluation questions

(1) What is decorative stitches?


(2.)List five examples of decorative stitches


(3) Why do we use decorative stitches?

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