Volume. Length, Breadth and Height


Class: Basic 5

Subject: Mathematics

Topic: Volume


Volume is the amount of space a solid takes up. It is measured in cubic units.


For example, a solid with three dimensional shapes such as cube and cuboid has length, breadth and height.


Therefore, volume of cube or cuboid is calculated by multiplying its length, breadth and height.


Volume = Length x breadth x height


Length = Volume / (breadth x height)


Breadth = Volume / ( length x height)


Height = Volume / ( length x breadth)


Worked examples:

1.) Calculate the volume of a cuboid with length 16cm, breadth 10cm and height 7cm.


Solution :

Length = 16cm breadth = 10cm height = 7cm


Volume = L x B x H

= 16cm x 10cm x 7cm

= 1120cm^3


2.) What is the height of a

cuboid with length 10m, breadth 5m and volume 100m^3?


Solution :

Length = 10m

Breadth = 5m

Volume = 100m^3


Height = Volume/ ( length x breadth)

= 100 / ( 10 x 5)

= 100 / 50

= 2m

Therefore, height = 2m


3.) Find the volume of a cube, whose side is 9m



Length = 9m

Breadth = 9m

Height = 9m

Volume = L x B x H

= 9m x 9m x9m

= 729m^3


Review questions:


Answer the following questions and show all workings :


  1. Calculate the volume of a cuboid, with length 21cm, breadth 17cm and height 8cm.


  1. What is the volume of a cube whose side is 12m ?


  1. Find the height of the cuboid with length 10cm, breadth 5cm and volume 150cm^3.


  1. Find the length of a cuboid with breadth 6m, height 4m and volume 120m^3.

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