Safety. Meaning and causes of accident

Subject : BASIC Science and Technology

Class :Primary 6 (BASIC 6)

Term : Third Term

Week : Week 1

Topic : Safety

  • Meaning of safety
  • Meaning of Accident
  • Causes of Accident
  • Methods of preventing accidents
  • Safety devices

Behavioural Objectives : At the end of the lesson, the pupils should be able to

  • Say the meaning of safety
  • Say the meaning of Accident
  • Explain the causes of accident
  • Mention methods of preventing accident
  • Mention various safety devices


Safety is absence of accidents or the absence of any sudden event that may bring injure, harm or death

Accident is a sudden action that may lead to injury, harm or damage the major functioning of the body system

Causes of Accident

  1. Wet floor
  2. Over speeding
  3. Drinking and driving

4.playing rough within the school compound

  1. Playing with sharp objects
  2. Putting the sharp part of the pencil in your mouth and running with it
  3. Disobedience
  4. Jumping off from the stair cases



Methods of Preventing Accidents

  1. Always mob up the floor
  2. Don’t drink and drive
  3. Don’t play rough
  4. Always obey your teachers and students instructions
  5. Don’t play with sharp objects.


Examples of Safety Devices

  1. Fire extinguisher
  2. Smoke detector
  3. Safety belt


  1. Light
  2. Fire Alarm



Examples of objects that can be found in the first aid box

  1. Cotton wool
  2. . Methylated spirit
  3. Plaster
  4. Cello tape
  5. Bandage
  6. Paracetamol

7.hand gloves

  1. Antiseptic wipes
  2. Rob ointment
  3. Dettol




Step 1. He revises the previous topics

Step 2.  He introduces the new topic

Step 3. He allows the pupils to give their own examples and he corrects them when the needs arise



  1. What is safety
  2. What is accident
  3. Mention three safety devices
  4. Mention five causes of accident
  5. Mention five contents of a first aid box



He gives a brief note and he goes round to mark


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