Class: Primary 2 Subject: Mathematics

Date: Tuesday, 21st April, 2020.
Class: Primary 2
Subject: Mathematics
Read the following questions and answer. Show all workings
(1) Find 1/4 of 20 apples.
(2) A florist planted 32 flowers in 2 rows.How many did he plant in each row?
(3) There are 48 notebooks in a shelf.Mrs Nkechi gave out some to the pupils.There are 16 notebooks left in the shelf.How many notebooks are taken?
(4) Seun add 15 rulers to some that already in the box.There are 50 rulers altogether in the box.How many rulers were formerly in the box?
(5) Sochi saved #120.00 one week #0.65 the next week and #110.05 the third week.How much did she save in three weeks?
(6) Emeka went shopping with #170.00.He came back home with #25.00.How much he spend?
(7) Tolu bought a shirt for #170.66 and a shirt for #125.25.How much did she spend altogether?
(8) What is 3/4 of 36 books.
(9) Put 42 into groups of 2’s.
(10) Divide 50 by 5.

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