Classifications of Farm Animals Based on Types of Stomach



Subject : Agricultural Science

Term : Second Term

Week : Week  7

Class : jss 1, Year 7

Topic : Forms of Farm animals based on functions on the farm, uses or food supply.

Average age : 10, 11 or 12

Référence Book : Agricultural Science for JSS 1 by Are et al.

Behaviour Objectives :  At the end of the lesson. Pupils should be able to

a).. mention various form of farm animals basef on their stomach formation

b) mention the characteristics of farm animals that are ruminants

c) say the différents between ruminants and non ruminants.

Instructional materials : Wall charts, textbooks, pictures on cardboards, flash cards


TOPIC: Classifications of Farm Animals Based on Types of Stomach
CONTENT: (1) Ruminant
(2) Non-ruminant


Farm animals, especially mammals can be classified into two groups, according to the type of stomachs that they have . The first group is ruminants while the other group is non-ruminants.
RUMINANTS are animals that chew the cud. When ruminant is resting, it has ability to bring back from the stomach what it has eaten, to its mouth again and chew it properly (Regurgitation) .This habit is known as chewing the cud. This they can do because, they have complex stomach .The complex stomach of a ruminant is made up of four cavities (chambers)which are: rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum
Examples of ruminants are : Cattle, Sheep, Goat ,
1 Mention two characteristics of a ruminant
2. Explain the term chew the cud
3. Mention the four stomach compartment of a ruminant.


Non- ruminants are animals that have simple stomach. They are other wise called monogastric animals. This group of animals have single stomach compartment . Examples of such animals are : rabbits, pigs, guinea pigs, horse


1. What are monogastrics?
2. Mention three examples of monogastric animals

Presentation :

Step one :The class teacher revises the previuous topics
Step two : The class teacher introduces the new topic
Step three : He or she arouse the pupils interest by making the class alive, warm and interesting by making use of various instructional materials like pictures on books or cardboard or making online reference with phones, laptop or desktop computers

Week end assignment:
Junior secondary Agriculture (workbook 1)by Anthony. Youdeowei et-al pages 22- 23
Draw the simple stomach of a monogastric and the complex stomach of a ruminants.
Pre- reading Assignment:
Read on the characteristics of farm animals .
Reference Texts:
JSA for Nigerian school by Anthony Youdeowei ,S.OAdesiyan and others .



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