2nd Mid Term Test Basic Science Year 6 Academic Year

Pick out the best option from the given alternatives

1. The planets, the moon, and the stars constitute the……………… system
à) solar b) heaven c) earth d) solar
2. All the planets, the moon and the stars revolve round the………
à) earth b) moon c) sun d) soil
3. The instrument used by sailors and pilots to detect or navigate the cardinal points is called…..
à) compas b) divider c) mirror  d) microscope
4)Which of these planets has twelve moons……
a) mars b) saturn c) neptune d) Jupiter
5. A natural satellite is the…..
à) venus b) moon c) spaceship d) pluto
6. Heavenly bodies that are visible in the night are…… and…..
a) pluto and saturn
b) the moon and the stars
c) the Mercury and the moon
d) the Mercury and the neptune

7. Which of the following is not caused by the earth movement?

a) eclipse  b) season c) tide d) water flow
8. The sole largest natural satellite of the earth is the…… A) moon b) star c) pluto d) sun
9. How many types of earth movements do we have? A) four b) five c) three d) two
10………. Occurs as a result of violent movement to the earth crust. A) ride b) season c) earthquake d) eclipse