Management Tips For Pupils

How you prepare your child now will determine his performance at the end of this term.    How?   
 Don't just buy books for him, let him read it.    Don't just buy new uniform, train him to be neat with it.    
 Don't just buy him wristwatch, teach him time management.    Don't just take him to school, ask his teacher how he is performing.    

Don't just pay school fees, let him know that there are other children who want such opportunity but did not have it.    Don't just flog him when he offended you, let him know why you flogged him and correct him in love.    Don't just help him with his assignments, ensure that he understands it.    

Don't think all these things are enough, you need to commit him into God's hands to crown your efforts with success.     Don't think studying alone will guarantee success, tell him to always commit his ways unto God. He should pray before and after studying. 

It's only God that can bless him with the right knowledge and understanding required.


May your efforts never be in vain. Your investment upon your children will yield positive results. May God bless you with all what you need to take good care of your children and family. Happy Resumption!

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