Holiday Bible School

Lesson one : Connected With God

Bible Reading : John 15 Verse 1 – 17 
God is the owner of the vine yard. We are the branches of the vineyard. On our own, we cannot do anything. We need to be connected to our source in order to excel. Any branch that is detached from the the whole plant will eventually withered away.

Abide :  Accept or act in accordance with rule, direction or recommendation ; comply with
Prune : Trim by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stem to encourage growth, removing the unwanted plants 
Steward : A person employed to manage another person's property 
Obedience : Compliance with an order, request,law or submission to the authority 
Joy : feeling of great happiness or exhilaration of the spirit 
Happiness : Good luck, good fortune or prosperity.
The True Vine (John 15 v 1 – 8)
Vine is a tree that is common in Israel and God has used it severally to represent the nation of Israel (Isaiah 3v14, 5v1-7; Psalm 80 v8-9)
Jesus is the true vine and the branches depend on the vine for their continued life. In Him we are complete ; a branch cannot bear fruits unless it is connected to their source. The Father (God) is the Vine Dresser and the believers are the branches. 
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