List of schools that are proudly using our softwares for compilation of school results

💦 The LaurelleHall Schools, Imowo-Kekere, Ikorodu Lagos
💦 Dampres Schools, Gbaga, Ikorodu Lagos
💦 Divine Mercy College, Omitoro, Ikorodu Lagos
💦 His Grace College, Omitoro, Ikorodu Lagos
💦 Noble Stars Colllege, Aga, Ikorodu. 
♦ De-Genus Private School, Ijede Ikorodu
♦ StrongTower Academy, Oke Ota-ona, Ikorodu
♦ Simfort Group of Schools, Omitoro Ikorodu
♦ Rofas Group of Schools, Ijede, Ikorodu Lagos
♦ High Lead School, Ijede Ikorodu, Lagos
🔴 Fresh Field High School Gbaga, Ikorodu Lagos
🔴 Elepe Community High School, Elepe Ikorodu
🔴 The Principal High School, Offin Ikorodu
🔴 New Vision School, Sabo Ikorodu
🔴 Gberigbe Senior Community High School, Gberigbe Ikorodu
🌡 Gberigbe Junior Community High School, Gberigbe Ikorodu
🌡 Copeland Nursery, Primary and College, Adamo, Ikorodu
🌡 Palvics College, Maya, Ikorodu Lagos
🌡 Dobar Nursery, Primary and College, Maya, Ikorodu Lagos
🌡 Goskia Group of School, Ikorodu Lagos
✔ Community Junior Grammar School, Gberigbe, Ikorodu
✔ Great Marvable School, Oreyo, Ikorodu Lagos
✔ Light Field High School, Parafa,Ikorodu Lagos
✔ Winsford Group of School, Igbogbo, Ikorodu Lagos
✔ Divine Instruction, Onirin, Mile 12 Lagos
📌 IFS College, Owode Onirin, Mile 12 Lagos
📌 West Hall College, Ita Oluwo, Ogun State
📌 Excellent Glory School. Ita Oluwo, Ogun State
📌 First Atlantic Academy, Oke Ota-Ona, Ikorodu
📌 Sagab High School, Solomade, Ikorodu Lagos
🎈 African Maritime ACADEMY, Lagos.
🎈BlueBells Academy, Kano
🎈The English Speaking Community School, Conakry, Guniea.
🎈Beneve Schools, Ikotun, Lagos
🎈De-Young Schools, Ikorodu. Lagos.
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