TRCN Teacher’s Registration.

*1.0.   PREAMBLE*
It is no longer news that Teachers registration with the TRCN is no longer automatic.
To register now,Teachers must pass through what is called *Professional Qualifying Examination(PQE)*. Teachers must meet up with the expected cut-off mark in order to embark on the process of registration.
Above all,the Federal Government,through the Ministry Education makes this mandatory for all Teachers,for unregistered Teachers will not be recognised any moment from now.
-The Professional Qualifying Examination holds twice every year(Traditionally in March and September on dates to be decided by the TRCN body)
-Examination registration is done on the regular TRCN form for registration. The acknowledgement part of the form acts as Examination Admission Card with passport duly stamped by TRCN. Candidates must ensure they collect this card upon registration and present it at the Examination Centre.
-The exam holds simultaneously in all state capitals in the country and FCT. Special Centres can be created and authorized by TRCN.
-The format of the Examination is Objective Questions with multiple choice answers.
-On the examination day,candidates are to present themselves at the centre for screening by 8 am.
-The PASS-MARK for the PQE is 50%. It qualifies candidates to proceed on proper registration.
-Candidates who score below 50% have 2 more chances left to RE-SIT. Further failure attracts a minimum of one year probation. Such candidates are to undertake refresher courses before registering for the PQE. A re-sit fee is paid in  this regard.
–  A======Ph D.(Ed)
–  B======M Ed.
–  C======B Ed.
–  D======NCE.
Those without any of the above must present other approved certificates in the field of education.
There are *23* different courses to be tested upon at the PQE,they are:(PQE 001-023)
-History of Education
-Philosophy of Education
-Sociology of Education
-Education Psychology
-Child/Adolescence/Adult Psychology: Human Learning.
-Guidance and Counseling(Theory and Practical)
-The Teaching Profession
-Teacher Education
-Classroom Management & School Organisation
-Educational Technology/Information & Communication Technology in Education.
-Subject Methodology
-Theory & Practice of Child-Friendly School.
-Curriculum Studies
-Measurement and Evaluation
-Educational Management
-Special Education
-Education of Special Target Group/Adult Education.
-Comparative Education.
-Educational Statistics
-Educational Research Methods
-English Language & Communication Skills.
-Use of the Library.
-Basic Mathematics
-Micro Teaching Theory.
-2 Passpor Photographs (2X2)
-3 copies of Birth Certificate or Declaration of age.
-3 copies of school result(s)
-3 copies of Bank teller + Original
-3 copies of RRR code printout + Original
-3 copies change of name(if applicable)
-2 copies PQE Form.
*2.5. FORM FEE*
Category A======N5,000
Category B======N4,000
Category C======N3,500
Category D======N3,000
In order to make this payment,candidates are to generate Remita Code(and make a printout) then make payment with it in any commercial bank.
*2.6. PQE FORM*
With all the above listed requirements, form for registration can ONLY be obtained in the TRCN Office.
The form is completed and submitted to the TRCN Office. 
Candidates, having done this are set for the PQE.
Candidates who score 50% and above proceed to the Registration Stage.
    To obtain the form,Candidates must do the following:
-Generate 2 separate PINs for payment(Registration and Annual Due) through Remita.
-The Remita codes are used for payment in any commercial bank.
-The form is obtained from the TRCN Office with all documents of previous payment(Remita printout for Registration and Annual Due,and Bank Teller
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