SECOND TERM EXAMINATION 2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 3                                                              SUBJECT: HOME ECONOMICS   NAME:…………………………………………………………………………………… 1.)   Clothes are worn to protect the body from the___________ (a) danger                        (b) friends                 (c) teachers               (d) parents 2.)   Clothes refers to all kinds of ________ for covering the body (a) spoon (b) materials (c) pants (d) textbook 3.)   Clothes are worn as adornment to make us look ______ (a) ugly (b) bad (c) beautiful (d) wicked 4.)   Clothes should be mended as soon as they tear (a) no        (b) yes                        (c) maybe 5.)   Sock provide warmth for the ________ (a) teeth (b) hair (c) feet (d) mouth 6.)   Bedtime clothes are ____________ (a) white lace      (b) school uniform   (c) shirt          (d) pygamas 7.)   Church and mosque clothes should be ____________ and beautiful (a) rough              (b) clean                   (c) dirty          (d) heavy 8.)   _______ and ______ are materials for caring for clothes (a) soap and water (b) soap and sand           (c) ironing and oil    (d) water and cream 9.)   After taken our bath we clean our body with _____ (a) rag   (b) pant  (c) towel             (d) wrapper 10.) The living room is one of the room in the _______ (a) office (b) home (c) school (d) church 11.) The __________ is the first place to see by anybody that comes into the home (a) bed room (b) store room (c) kitchen room (d) living room 12.) ________ and _______ are materials used in cleaning the living room (a) mop and socks (b) broom and sock (c) short and long broom (d) mop and napkin 13.) We receive our _________ in our living room (a) dog (b) visitors (c) enemy (d) things 14.) Good and proper care of clothes prolong their use (a) maybe (b) no (c) yes 15.) We wash our toilet every ______ (a) day (b) month (c) week (d) year 16.) The feet are the part of the _______ (a) hand (b) head (c) leg (d) nack 17.) We wash our hand before and after _______ (a) eating (b) jumping (c) dancing (d) sleeping 18.) People with dark skin colour are said to be _______ in complexion (a) green (b) dark (c) fair (d) yellow 19.) A __________ person does not get sick easily (a) high (b) low (c) healthy (d) fat 20.) ___________ are light and not heavy to wear (a) school uniform (b) party wear (c) church wear (d) mosque wear     Section B: Answer all questions 1.)   What is clothing_____________________________________________________________        __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________   b.) State four types of clothing (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________   2.)   What is footwear____________________________________________________________         __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________   3.) List four types of footwear (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________   4.) State four articles for cleaning rooms   (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________   5.) State four steps in cleaning room in the home (a) ________________________________            (b) ________________________________ (c) ________________________________            (d) ________________________________    
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