Primary Five Second Term Examination English

SECOND TERM EXAMINATION 2019 CLASS: PRIMARY 5                                                         SUBJECT: ENGLISH LANGUAGE NAME:……………………………………………………………………………………   A. Comprehension How to Fight Corruption Corruption is the dishonest behavior of people in power for their personal gain. Such people engage in corruption in awarding contract, promoting staff, and other misuses of public office and powerful positions. Bribery is an important aspect of corruption and needs two parties for it to happen. They are both guilty of corruption. We must understand that corruption is very bad because it stops a country from developing as it should. Corruption is a major cause of poverty and a big problem to solve in many countries in the world. It is an enemy of progress. Government should try to reduce poverty. Many people engage in corruption because they are poor or are afraid of becoming poor workers should be well paid and there must be an improvement in social services like electricity, water supply and good roads. All schools should return to the teaching of moral education to educate children about the bad effects of corruption on individual lives and in the life of the country as a whole. In order to check corruption, anyone that is caught in corrupt practices must be arrested, prosecuted and jailed. This will serve as a lesson to others who might want to engage in corruption. If all these steps are taken seriously, corruption will be reduced.   Answer the following questions 1.)   What is corruption _______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 2.)   What is bribery? _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________   3.)   Name one bad effect of corruption on a country____________________________________   4.)   What does the author describe as enemy of progress? ________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________   5.)   What should be done to anyone who engages in corrupt acts? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________             B. Complete the following sentences with correct prepositions from the box below Off,     from,     on,      for,       to,       of,        up,          with,         about,       to 1.)   Edem was blamed ___________ the accident 2.)   He quarreled ________________ the driver 3.)   The boy complained _________________________ fever 4.)   She has filled the pot _______________ water 5.)   The farmer suffered _______________ leprosy   C. Choose from the five words given at the end of each sentence the word that is nearest in meaning to the underlined word   6.)   He tried to kill his enemy (a) forgive (b) slay (c) approach (d) defend (e) fight 7.)   I have build a costly house in my village (a) temporary (b) tall (c) expensive (d) durable (e) spacious 8.)   He played the ball high (a) scored (b) kicked (c) bounce (d) throw (d) trapped 9.)   The teacher refused to mend my shirt (a) repair (b) build (c) sew (d) close (e) damage 10.)    The time for going home is approaching (a) coming (b) past (c) early (d) near (e) late   D. Choose from list of words lettered A to E the one which has the opposite meaning, or almost the opposite meaning   11.)    The old man is very wise (a) clever (b) primitive (c) illiterate (d) backward (d) foolish 12.)    My sister has a temporary appointment (a) soon (b) everlasting (c) never (d) permanent (e) quick 13.)    You must work hard to succeed in your examination (a) fail (b) failure (c) progress (d) jump (e) pass   E. Composition 14.) Write a composition about the subject you like best    F. Literature 15.) (a) Write the title/name of your second term literature book          (b) Name two character you know in the literature book  

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