Different Types of Ball Games

Subject : Basic Science 
Topic : Different types of ballgames 
Class : Basic six 
Term : second term, week ten 
Behavioural Objectives : At the end of the lesson, pupils should be to mention various types of different ball games 
Content : There are a lot of games that are played using balls as the main item of the game. The most popular among these ball games are 
 Table tennis 
Volley ball
Presentation : The topic is presented step by step. 
Step I: He revises the previous topics Step II : He introduces the new topic 
Step III: The teachers gives a brief explanation and he corrects the pupils where necessary. 
Evaluation : How many players make up a team of Football players Basketball players Table-tennis player Volleyball player Hockey players Handball players 
2. Mention six contents of the first Aid box 
3.  Menton four sensé organs and their various functions 

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